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Who will win Group C at Euro 2024?

The European Championship is the strongest continental tournament on the planet for national teams. In this article, we will analyze the prospects for who will Group C at Euro 2024?

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 14.04.2024
Who will win Group C at Euro 2024

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The European Championship is the strongest continental tournament on the planet for national teams, which is why it is of interest to fans far beyond the Old World. If you like sports betting, go to Mostbet UZ com sayti. At the same time, betting fans will probably make predictions not only on the winners of individual matches, but also on the group triumphs. In this article, we will analyze the prospects of the members of the strong quartet C, based on the current bookmaker odds.

England - 1.45

Many experts will say that there are no truly weak teams in Quartet C, but there is still a clear favorite here. The British have never won the Euro, unlike the World Cup, but at the last continental forum they achieved their best result - they took silver. Since then, Southgate's gang has not become weaker, and bookmakers consider the England team to be the main contender for the title - the first in the history of the founders of football.


England won the qualifying group almost without misfire, allowing only two draws. It is important to mention that the opponents were not simple, but the Italians could not compete with the British, and the Ukrainians fought with Italy to the last for a passable second place, without claiming first place. In the last ten meetings, the Three Lions have only one defeat, and that was minimal, against Brazil, in a friendly game.

The fact that the modern Euro format allows you to get into the playoffs even from third place greatly weakens the giants, but the English look like a team that can easily win their group even with one and a half players. Failure to leave the group will be considered a sensation - odds of 12 are given for this. Bets on England ending up in the last 12 are still accepted, but with a minimal benefit for the winner - 1.03.

Denmark - 5.0

Lately, the Danes look like a worthy opponent for any team and, if England were not in their quartet, they could themselves be the main favorite of the group. At the same time, the Vikings may have their own point of view that the first place was given to the British in advance: the story of how Denmark got to Euro 1992 as a lucky loser (instead of Yugoslavia, which passed the selection, but collapsed as a state), and in the end she took the title, every fan knows. Meanwhile, this is not an episodic success, because the Red and Whites took bronze twice more at continental forums.

The way the team performed in qualifying speaks against Denmark. For the bronze medalist of the last Euro there should have been no problems in the group with Slovenia, Finland and Kazakhstan - The Danes won it, but were ahead of the fourth Kazakhs by only four points, and the Slovenes, with whom they would have to play in Germany, only by additional indicators. In the last ten meetings there was only one defeat (to Northern Ireland in the last round of selection, when the ticket was already in their pocket), but the strength of the Red and Whites had not been tested at the giants for too long.

Denmark is best described as the dark horse of this group. Much depends on the mood of the northerners - it is possible that they will put up a serious fight for first place and even succeed, but they could also fall to third position. But they must qualify for the playoffs: the odds for such a result are 1.34, and for the opposite result - 3.3.

Serbia - 8.5

Modern Serbia is often confused with Yugoslavia (where Croats, Slovenes, Bosnians and Macedonians could well play the first fiddle) or with the union state, which until 2006 included Montenegro. The contribution of non-Serbs to the successes of the Yugoslav or Serbian-Montenegrin national teams can be debated, but there is an indisputable fact: this is the first time a purely Serbian team is going to the Euro, although they have already made it to the World Cup three times.

The Eagles seemed to be lucky with the draw in qualifying - no grandees. But this did not help win the group: two defeats to the Hungarians, as well as two draws with Bulgaria, which scored only four points and stuck in last place, had an impact. Fortunately, weak opponents did not take advantage of this - with three handicap points over Montenegro, Serbia became second and qualified for the Euro. True, the Serbs continued to churn out dubious results in the freight trains: losing minimally to Belgium is not a shame, but the 0:4 loss to Russia, even in the minority, should strain the Serbian fans.

Balkan teams are good for their patriotism: if the Serbs remember that they are playing for their entire country, they are able to show a different level of football. It is unlikely that they will be able to compete for first place in the group, but bets on their passage are accepted with odds of 1.63. Failure seems less likely to bookmakers - for such a forecast they give 2.3.

Slovenia - 15

A tiny country with a population of two million, which has existed for only thirty years, has sent its national team to the World Cup twice, and Euro 2024 will be the team’s second. The small but proud nation has never made it to the playoffs, and this time it is also considered an outsider - bookmakers give 2.3 per pass with 1.63 for the opposite result.

To be honest, such a pessimistic assessment from the bookmaker is not entirely clear. In qualifying, the Slovenians played with the Danes - and lost first place to them only based on additional indicators. In the last ten matches there was only one loss - just to Denmark, but in recent friendly matches the USA (with a minimal score) and the whole of Portugal were defeated, the latter confidently, 2:0. Even if Slovenia scores 0 points in the quartet, it will not be easy for the opponents.


The bookmaker's odds suggest that the placement of each team in Quartet C is predetermined, but we disagree. England are certainly the favourites, but Denmark could also be in first place. The successes of both strongly depend on the results of their matches with the Balkan teams - they will try to cling to points, and can ruin the plans of the British or Danes. Thus, betting on Three Lions as the winner of the quartet is both logical and risky.

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