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IWL 2 Final Round 2023-24: Teams & Fixtures

The 2023-24 IWL 2 Final Round will begin on May 20, 2024. Take a look at the team and fixtures for the final round.

Moinak Banerjee
Last updated: 12.04.2024
IWL 2 Final Round 2023-24 Teams and Fixtures

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The inaugural edition of the Indian Women’s League 2 (IWL 2) entered its Final Round after the conclusion of the group stages in March 2024. A total of 15 teams began the tournament from which six have qualified for the decisive stage. The Final Round will be played in a single-leg round-robin format with the top two teams gaining promotion to the Indian Women's League or IWL 2023/24 season. The matches will take place from 20-28 May 2024 following the Senior Women’s National Football Championship in West Bengal. 

The winners and runners-up from three groups of the previous stage have made it to the Final Round. Pudhuvai Unicorns, Sreebhumi FC and Tuem emerged as Group A, B and C winners respectively while Garhwal United, Nita FA and SAG FA took the second spot. Sreebhumi FC is the only side left in the tournament to have played in the IWL before. All the games of the Final Round will be played in a centralised venue in Duler Stadium, Goa.    



IWL 2 Final Round Teams

Garhwal United

Nita FA

Pudhuvai Unicorns


Sreebhumi FC


Garhwal United

Garhwal United had to settle for second place in Group A after missing the top spot by just one point. The FD Women's League champions scored the most goals in the group and won three out of four matches but suffered a 1-0 loss to eventual winners Pudhuvai Unicorns. Still, Garhwal finished two points ahead of third-placed Mumbai Knights, also a former IWL side. The Delhi-based side could be one of the frontrunners for promotion to IWL.

Nita FA

Runners-up in Group B, Nita FA will be aiming to make their mark in the Final Round to finish in the top two. Despite being in a competitive group, Odisha Women's League champions managed to hold free-scoring group winners Sreebhumi in their final match, missing the top spot by just two points. Nita FA also remained unbeaten registering two wins and a draw in the other matches of the group.

Pudhuvai Unicorns

The Pondicherry Women's League champions also finished first in their IWL 2 group to qualify for the Final Round. Pudhuvai Unicorns were pragmatic in their approach to making the top of Group A and will hope to maintain the unbeaten streak in this round.   


Representing Gujarat, SAG FA came second in Group C with nine points taken from four games. They are the only nominated side in the IWL 2 to have qualified for the Final Round. Although clinical with their attack, SAG FA conceded the most number of goals with nine.   

Sreebhumi FC

Sreebhumi FC are favourites to gain promotion back to IWL having dominated their group to make it to the Final Round of IWL 2. The Kanyashree Cup winner stayed unbeaten in four matches, winning three of them and scoring a tournament-high 21 goals. They also had the meanest of defence conceding just twice, unmatched by any other side.    


Group C winners FC Tuem will get the home advantage as the Final Round will be hosted in Goa. The Goa Women's League champions held a perfect record in the group stages picking up maximum points from all four matches and scoring an emphatic 20 goals. They will kick off the Final Round battling Pudhuvai Unicorns on May 20, 2024.


Monday, 20 May 2024

Tuem vs Pudhuvai Unicorns (08:00)

Garhwal United vs SAG FA (16:30)

Sreebhumi FC vs Nita FA (20:00)

Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Pudhuvai Unicorns vs Nita FA (08:00)

Sreebhumi FC vs Garhwal United (16:30)

Tuem vs SAG FA (20:00)

Saturday, 24 May 2024

Nita FA vs Tuem (08:00)

SAG FA vs Sreebhumi FC (16:30)

Pudhuvai Unicorns vs Garhwal United (20:00)

Sunday, 26 May 2024  

Garhwal United vs Nita FA (08:00)

SAG FA vs Pudhuvai Unicorns (16:30)

Sreebhumi FC vs Tuem (20:00)

Tuesday, 28 May 2024

Nita FA vs SAG FA (08:00)

Tuem vs Garhwal United (16:30)

Pudhuvai Unicorns vs Sreebhumi FC (20:00)

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