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Achievements of India at 1982 Asian Games, New Delhi 

Achievements of India at Asian games 1982, We won 13 Gold, 19 Silver and 25 Bronze in an overall total of 57 medals.

Last updated: 25.11.2017
Achievements of India at 1982 Asian Games held in New Delhi | Sports Social Blog

The sports world was astounded and Asia was thrilled by the magnificent staging of the IX Asian Games in New Delhi from November 19 to December 4, 1982. This was the second time the Games were held in Delhi as it also hosted to the inaugural 1951 Asian Games. New Delhi joined Bangkok (four times) as the only cities to host multiple editions of the Asian Games.

More than a million people jam-packed the seventeen sports venues each day, to applaud the 3,411 young sportsmen and women, from 33 countries, who competed in the biggest Asiad ever, since the inception of the Asian Games, thirty-five years ago. A stupendous Opening Ceremony was watched throughout Asia 'live' by satellite-television.

Debut sports were equestrian, golf, handball, rowing, and Women's field hockey. These Asian Games also saw the beginning of Chinese dominance in the medals tally.

The mascot for the Games was Appu — a kid elephant. Known in real life as "Kuttinarayanan", this elephant fractured its leg in an accident when he was seven years old – he stepped into a septic tank. That wound would not heal and it eventually killed him.

Japan had won the maximum number of medals in previous editions of the Games. China made its presence felt in the sporting world by dethroning Japan as the top medallists. From then, China would be the top medal getter in all succeeding Asiads. In preparation for the IX Asian Games, color television was introduced in India in a big way, as the Games were to be broadcast in color.

When the competitions got underway, records tumbled in many of the disciplines and sports lovers were delighted at the efficient way in which the various competitions were staged. The People’s Republic of China topped the medal tally with 61 gold medals. The Japanese, who had dominated the Asian Games ever since their inception, garnered 57 gold medals.

Both nations won a total of 103 medals each. The two Koreas were next. The South won 28 golds with a total of 93 medals, while the North won 17 golds, with a total of 56 medals. India placed 5th. We won 13 gold, 19 silver, and 25 bronze in an overall total of 57 medals.     

Medals Tally - IXth Asian Games 1982

GSB China 61 61 41

Japan 57 52 44

South Korea 28 28 37

North Korea 17 19 20

India 13 19 25

25 Paise coin at the time of IX Asian games, 1982

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