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Raina and N Srinivasan break silence amidst claimed talks of rift over hotel room

A day after N Srinivasan tweeted that his comment was taken out of context, upon Suresh Raina arrival in India, Raina tweeted about what happened to his family in Punjab demanding a probe into the attack on his aunt’s family.

Last updated: 01.09.2020
Raina and N Srinivasan | Sports Social Blog

CSK team CEO KS Viswanathan earlier said that CSK’s Chinna Thala, Suresh Raina returned to India due to ‘personal reasons’ and also said that he will not be available for the rest of the season. However, a report claimed that Raina was unhappy with the allotted hotel room. This went viral on Social media platforms and angry fans took to twitter to show their support for Raina against the claimed reports. Later, CSK owner N Srinivasan cleared the air, saying that his comment was taken out of context. Raina, who pulled out of IPL, took to twitter demanding a probe into the attack on his aunt’s family.

On last Friday, a few CSK members and fast bowler Deepak Chahar had tested positive for coronavirus. On August 29, team CEO KS Viswanathan through CSK’s official twitter handle revealed that Raina has left UAE for personal reasons and will remain unavailable for the entire season.

The tweet read, “Suresh Raina has returned to India for personal reasons and will be unavailable for the remainder of the IPL 2020 season. Chennai Super Kings offers complete support to Suresh and his family during this time.”

Following the tweet, rumoured reasons like Covid fear, family issues made round on the internet. Outlook quoted former BCCI president and CSK owner N Srinivasan likening cricketers to ‘prima donnas’, claiming that sometimes success gets into your head.

"Cricketers are like prima donnas ... like the temperamental actors of the olden days. Chennai Super Kings have always been like a family and all seniors players have learnt to co-exist.

"My thinking is that if you are reluctant or not happy, go back. I don't force anyone to do anything ... sometimes success gets into your head.”

During his conversation with Outlook, he assured that MS Dhoni was in complete control of the situation.

"I spoke to MS (Dhoni) and he has assured me that even if the numbers go up, there was nothing to worry. He spoke to the players through a zoom call and asked them to remain safe. You really don't know who is a passive carrier. The season has not begun yet and Raina will certainly realise what he is missing and certainly all the money (a salary of 11 crores per season) he is going to lose."

Disappointed fans took to social media seeking official statements and supporting Suresh Raina. On Monday, Srinivasan shed light on his comments and said that it was taken out of context.

On Raina, he said that his “contribution to the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) franchise is second to none and it is unfortunate that people are trying to put two and two together to drive a wedge.”

Talking to TOI, Srinivasan clarified that it was unfortunate that he had been quoted out of the context, "These boys, they’re family. They’ve been family for over a decade now. When I said ‘cricketers are like prima donnas’, it wasn’t in a negative sense. A prima donna is the lead singer in an opera. Similarly, cricketers are always at the forefront of an exercise like this."

After his return, on Tuesday, Raina tweeted about an incident that took place to his family in Punjab which claimed the life of two of his relatives. He said that, “What happened to my family in Punjab was beyond horrible.” He also requested thorough probe into this matter.

Chennai Super Kings is now in Dubai. On Tuesday, the team’s CEO revealed that except for the 13 who test positive for Covid19 early last week, others’ test have come out negative. He also said that CSK is all set to start training on September 4.

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