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Jos The IPL Boss of 2022

If IPL 2022 was to be summarized as a season of 1 player only then that player will be none other than Jos Buttler.  Let’s see why this IPL season has been about Jos The Boss.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 28.05.2022
Jos The IPL Boss of 2022

If IPL 2022 was to be summarized as a season of 1 player only then that player will be none other than Jos Buttler. What he has done this season is equivalent to what Virat Kohli did in 2016 and he has a chance of doing 1 better than what Virat was able to do and win the IPL final tomorrow. Jos Buttler has come alive in this IPL because before this he was not able to get a run in international cricket and everyone wrote him off but as they say champions answer with their bat and he did the same.

I will get into the detailed stats below but just want to give my personal opinion here. Jos Buttler this season has been the best exhibition of Batting I have seen in quite some time , after 2016 Virat Kohli. To hit 4 IPL hundreds in 1 season is staggering because most don’t even have 4 In their whole T20 career. I even had the pleasure of watching him live at Eden Gardens on the 24th and he made a brilliant and a fighting 89 that day. So, let’s see why this IPL season has been about Jos The Boss.

Dominance on a different level

This level of dominance is rarely seen in any tournament and he has made 824 runs in 16 matches till now with The Final still left to go and I am sure he will want that 5th hundred at the biggest stage. He has scored 4 IPL hundreds only replicated by Virat Kohli in 2016 and that year he scored 973 runs which is ridiculous. Jos Buttler has smashed the bowling attacks of almost all the teams and single handedly taken Rajasthan Royals to the final. He has hit 78 fours so far this season which is an all time record for a batter hitting most number of fours in an IPL season. He has also hit the most sixes this season at 45 sixes till now and he would love to cross that 50 sixes mark in the Final.

Every Record is His

Like I said before that every batting record in this IPL is held by Jos Buttler. Firstly the most runs  at 824 runs and Counting. Then the most fours and most sixes this IPL season showing why he is an all round hitter. He has an average of 58.85 and a strike rate of 151. 47 which takes the combine to 210 and that is outrageous. He is also the MVP of the IPL with over 360 points. He has also won the best power player of the season a total of 5 times and he is not done yet. The interesting thing is to see whether he can break the 4 centuries in an IPL season record and how close he can get to.the 973 runs made by Virat Kohli in 2016.

Coming back after a dip in form

This has been the most impressive part for me because after the first 7 dream Matches he has a big slump of form where he was not able to score runs and was getting out early on 20s and even in single digits and everyone thought the best is behind him, but Jos Buttler was saving his best for the most important matches as in Qualifier 1 he made a brilliant 89 from 56 balls where he was struggling at the start but he hung in there and that form carried on to the match last night where he made 106* from 60 balls and there is The Final left and I am sure he will want to make one last big Score and win the IPL for the late great Shane Warne.

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