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IPL betting in India: three tips for beginners

Experienced sports fans know that betting on the IPL is profitable. A beginner should pay attention to these three tips that will help to quickly understand the sport and make the right prediction.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 26.03.2024
IPL betting in India

Experienced sports fans know that betting on the IPL is profitable. Favorites and underdogs change places every year, and the matches are always hotly contested. A beginner should pay attention to three tips that will help to quickly understand the sport and make the right prediction.

Study statistics and history

Today the ipl 2024 betting involves many nuances. Players can register bets on dozens of teams and hundreds of athletes. The balance of power is not stable, as most teams do not differ from each other. It has a positive effect on the bookmakers' odds.

The main task for the player becomes information preparation. Bookmaker client needs to study what league the team played in last year and compare current rivals. The favourites of the second division are likely to be outsiders in the premier league.

Today, bettors no longer need to open dozens of tabs to different sites in the browser. The bookmaker itself provides detailed statistics on the opposing teams. Moreover, some Indian bookmaker clubs provide infographics and offer to visually compare the strength level of competitors.

Bonuses as a reliable insurance

Statistics don't lie. Beginners in IPL betting are more likely to lose than win. It is because Indian betting platforms offer too many margins per event. An inexperienced bettor does not have time to orientate himself and loses concentration in the end.

Professionals advise to prepare a big budget. A novice gambler compensates for the first losses thanks to this. However, not everyone is ready to spend a large sum of money on sports betting. Bonus options come to the aid of bettors.

Indian bookmakers divide promotions into two types. The first category is welcome bonuses, cashback, and free bets. The second category includes functions of selling and insuring bets. The user can sell his bet right in the course of the match and stay with a small financial plus.

For example, a player bets on the victory of the favorite and expects to earn from a large bet. The match is formed in such a way that the leader of the championship plays badly and misses several goals from the outsider already in the first half. The bookmaker offers to buy out the bettor's bet at zero price. Yes, the bookmaker client will not earn anything, but he will not lose his deposit. By the way, you can sell every active bet. Bookmakers do not set limits on this feature.

Who to bet on in the IPL in 2024?

Newbies in betting try to register bets on favorites usually. However, this strategy is not always effective. Firstly, it is unlikely that last year's champion will lead and win every match throughout the season. Secondly, the odds of the results of such teams are minimal. The player will have to make large bets to take a tangible profit. Moreover, one loss will lead to a big financial loss.

Experts recommend looking at weak football clubs. Matches of such teams are held with a large number of goals. It helps the user to register a bet on the total. It doesn't matter who wins. Betting on the total score helps to earn good money, as bookmakers always give high odds on matches where players score more than 7 goals.

Indian bookmakers offer betting on dozens of sports. However, it is in IPL that bookmakers give the maximum amount of statistics and the highest odds. It not only increases the interest of sports fans but also helps the development of the sport, the rating of which is growing.

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