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Top 5 Most Expensive players in IPL history

In this article, Top 5 most expensive players in IPL history. The IPL is the biggest brand in cricket and the place where the most money is made.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 25.12.2022
Most Expensive players in IPL history

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Previously we did articles about the most expensive buys from the 2023 auction and so I thought that it would be fun to write an article about the Top 5 Most Expensive players in IPL history and most of the list will come from the 2023 IPL auction but there are a few from the previous years as well. The IPL has grown so much in brand value and the current value of the IPL is $11 billion dollars. And so the purses of all the teams will increase every year.

Before we talk about this list of the Top 5 Most Expensive players in IPL history, it is sad to see that there are only a handful Indian players that are amongst the highest bought IPL players and they will be looking to break the bank in the next year. The IPL is the biggest brand in cricket and the place where the most money is made and so let’s see the 5 Most Expensive Buys in IPL history

Sam Curran – 18.50 Crores (Punjab Kings)


Just like he was the number 1 in the 2023 IPL auction list , there is zero doubt that Sam Curran is also the number 1 in the all time most expensive buys in IPL history and he broke the previous record by 2.25 crores. Sam Curran was expected to fetch a lot of money in these auctions but very few people expected that he would get this amount of money. And Sam Curran deserves every bit of it.

Cameron Green – 17.50 Crores (Mumbai Indians)

The second most expensive buy in the history of the IPL was also from the 2023 IPL auction and it was by the Australian all rounder Cameron Green as Mumbai Indians went all out to get the services of the Player. Cameron Green is one of the most Primus young players of world cricket and he would gain so much by being in the same dressing room with all these greats.

Chris Morris- 16.25 Crores (Rajasthan Royals)

The joint third highest IPL buy of all time is Chris Morris and Rajasthan Royals went all out for him to get his services and they bought him as an all rounder and they hoped that he would perform like Ben Stokes and he did well but not as well as he was hoping to do so. Chris Morris was the record buy in IPL history for a while but that record was broken in this IPL auction.

Ben Stokes- 16.25 Crores (Chennai Super Kings)

Also the joint third highest bid in IPL history was Ben Stokes and Chennai Super Kings bid this amount for him and it was not expected that Chennai would pay so much for a player and he is an all in one player. He is the best all rounder and also he is most likely the next captain of Chennai Super Kings. Ben Stokes is an excellent buy at this price.

Nicholas Pooran – 16.00 Crores (Lucknow Supergiants)

The fifth person on this list is Nicholas Pooran who was bought by Lucknow Supergiants for 16 crores. This price is a bit too much for him but no one can say he has not earned it. Lucknow Supergiants must have seen something in him that they have paid so much and he would be a great addition to the team.

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