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High Scoring Games in Pro Kabaddi League

High scoring games in the Pro Kabaddi League are a feast to the fans. Here are a few games that adds to the magic and thrill of the tournament.

Last updated: 25.09.2019
High Scoring Games in Pro Kabaddi | Sports Social Blog

Pro Kabaddi League format was influenced by the format of Indian Premier League. Initially, there were doubts over the success of the tournament. This was because unlike cricket, kabaddi players weren’t famous. However, the format and innovations in the league paved the way for a favourable outcome. The thrill of IPL escalates during high scoring games and it is the same with PKL. Let’s take a look at few exciting high scoring games in PKL.

1. Season 2 – Dabang Delhi 45 – 45 Telugu Titans 


The match between Dabang Delhi and Telugu Titans in the second season of PKL could be rated as one of the best matches in the league. It was absolute drama in this match as one witnessed the massive efforts of both the teams ending in a 45–45 draw.

This loss ended the Delhi’s chances of being alive in the tournament. It caused more disappointment as their star raider Kashiling Adake was declared out following a video referral. He did all he could do to take his team to victory. He scored 24 points which includes three super raids, a fifer and two three-pointers.

No one expected such a close encounter and drastic results as Delhi was leading at the break. After half time, the lead kept changing hands. When only five minutes were left, Delhi was much ahead with the scoreline of 37-33. However, both the teams were not giving up and the score went on to 45-43 with Delhi still having an upper hand.

Deepak Hudda spoiled the dreams of Delhi as he snatched two points at the last. If any of the team had won the match, it might have been an injustice for the other team who had put equal efforts. Kashiling was exceptional. Though his team couldn’t win the match, his name will be in record books forever. After a lot of drama and thrill, in the end, Kabaddi won.


2. Season 3 – Dabang Delhi 34 – 67 Patna Pirates (W)


Kabaddi has always remained an interesting game. The match between Patna Pirates and Dabang Delhi K.C in PKL Season 3 created history. It was a game of top versus bottom according to the points table. While one was trying to recover from a loss, the other had a steady campaign.

The sum of the points scored by the teams crossed the 100 mark, a record to cherish. This match took place in Thyagaraj Complex, Delhi. A total of 101 points were scored with a scoreline of 67-34 (Patna Pirates – Dabang Delhi K.C). However, Patna couldn’t break the record for the highest margin win. Display of action and thrill with 2 Super 10s and 1 High 5 was witnessed.

There were two all-outs in the later part of the match which ensured a win for Patna with a high margin in points. This paved way for as much as 4 substitutes who played and scored at their will. The win was predicted over the course of the match but the overall score of the match exceeding 100 was highly unimaginable. The match will not be forgotten for years now for it is undoubtedly a historic record-breaking Century.


3.    Season 5 – Patna Pirates 41 – 51 U Mumba (W)


U Mumba defeated Patna in the highest-scoring match in PKL Season 5. The scoreline is 41-51. Two Mumbai men Kashiling and Shrikant scored Super 10s bagging 15 and 13 points respectively. The first 10 minutes of the game saw neutral efforts from the teams.

U Mumba turned the attacking mode on and found success. Patna counter-attacked them through their defence. However, Mumbai enforced two all-outs during the first half. The team went on gaining momentum until they experienced a slight shift when Pirates’ skipper brought up his Super 10.

A super tackle on the skipper and two all-outs in the 31st and 37th minute ensured the win for U Mumba. The Pirates fought back but in vain U Mumba managed to defeat them with a successful tackle in the end.


4.    Season 5 – Bengal Warriors 44 - 47 Patna Pirates (W)


This match stood out from other high scoring games because of one unique feature. This is the highest overall score inflicted in a qualifier. The fact that it was a qualifier match added on to the already enforced effect of a high scoring match.

The match between Bengal and Patna, Zone B Qualifier 2 was decided mostly by one person. Pradeep, the super raider kept an end to the Bengal’s otherwise clear road to finals. Patna went on to lead the game for most of the time. After half, Bengal failed to fight back for a brief period of time.

Maninder (Bengal) scored his third Super 10 of the season and inflicted an all-out against Patna but it was too late to win from there. Pirates earned a 47-44 victory with three all-outs contributing to exceptional performance. Patna Pirates then went on to become the title winners in the season beating Gujarat in the finals by a scoreline of 55-38 marking the highest overall score of a PKL final.


5.    Season 7 – Jaipur Pink Panthers 44 – 46 Dabang Delhi K.C. (W)  


The match between Jaipur and Delhi this season on 4th September recorded the highest overall score in Pro Kabaddi 2019. Naveen Kumar, a super raider added points with his successful raids to give his team this win. Also, he completed his 10th consecutive Super 10 during the course of the game.

Delhi kick-started the game in style with a successful five-point Super raid. They held on to the momentum as they inflicted an all-out in just the fourth minute to a take lead of 11-4. Jaipur Pink Panthers fought back with successful tackles, Super raid by Nitin and an all-out.

The game became so exciting as both the teams kept fighting back with clever tackles and smart defending. With just three people on the mat after the break, everyone would have expected an all-out of Jaipur Pink Panthers. However, they had other ideas. They set up a Super Tackle and turned the tables with a lead of 24-23.

The game was in their favour as they ensured the lead with a couple more Super Tackles. Jaipur enforced another all-out and advanced a 35-29 lead. Sensational raids in the penultimate minute by Naveen helped Delhi mark their comeback. With seconds left to play, Delhi inflicted an all-out following which Naveen completed a buzzer raid successfully and secured a win for his side.

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