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Play Fantasy Kabaddi to Relive the Classic Sport Today!

Are you someone who grew up playing Kabaddi in your school or neighborhood during your early years? we are presenting you with a highly elevated virtual experience of your favorite childhood sport.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 09.01.2020
Play Fantasy Kabaddi | Sports Social Blog

Are you someone who grew up playing Kabaddi in your school or neighborhood during your early years? Do you still miss playing it? Assuming a double nod from your end, we are presenting you with a highly elevated virtual experience of your favorite childhood sport.

It is called Fantasy Kabaddi, a wild and exciting adoption of the former rural sport best played today in the world of fantasy sports. With the internet in the clutch of your fingers, all Kabaddi fans can enjoy regular doses of nostalgia by playing fantasy kabaddi today. 

We shall introduce the fantasy verse of this sport in an unbiased manner, so we want you to play fantasy kabaddi in a fair and trusted medium where you can translate your passion for Kabaddi in a safe and rewarding fashion to enjoy maximum profits with secure gaming at all times. 

Play Indian Fantasy Kabaddi and Win BIG

India is facing a revolutionary growth in the fantasy sports world due to many reasons that resonate with the target audience almost seamlessly. The rapid perforation of the internet coupled with the varying level of incentives that players can gain by interpreting their passion for the sport through their knowledge and experience is quite satisfying.

As such, it is fair to say that this online gaming realm has a flexible future ahead that shall be harvested in plenty by playing kabaddi fantasy on trusted gaming sites as well as the enormous player of the country. This contemplation takes us back to a probing question you may have as new entries into fantasy kabaddi sites.

“What is Indian Fantasy Kabaddi? How do you play Fantasy Kabaddi online?”

  1. Team Formation

  • Indian Fantasy Kabaddi is a skill-oriented online variant of the popular contact sport, Kabaddi.

  • Each player creates his/her own virtual team. 

  • Your team can comprise of 1-3 Raiders, 1-2 All-rounders, 2-4 Defenders with a maximum number of players for each team

  • When you play fantasy kabaddi, choose your Captain and Vice-Captain for the team with equal care as matched to a live game.

  • They carry 2x and 1.5x points respectively and affect the overall leaderboard score.

  • Any player in your team who is not playing due to reasons such as injury, won’t get any points. 

  • The non-player should be replaced by a more capable player as his performance as a substitute will get you points accordingly.

  1. Gameplay 

  • Super TackleA super tackle shall accrue your points in addition to points that you get for a successful tackle.

  • Putting out players from the opposite team shall get you positive points.

  • Getting out players from your own team will result in negative points.

  1. Discipline

Playing fantasy Kabaddi depends on real kabaddi games because any player disregarding the sport rules may be shown one or more standard discipline cards. These cards are Red, Yellow, Green and they all attract negative points.

  1. Extra time

Anything occurrence during extra time that affects the game shall attract additional points. The same shall not apply during golden raids.

This is pretty much you need to know to get started on your fantasy venture on one of the best fantasy sites of the day. With that said, it is time to jump on to the BB app to play fantasy kabaddi games today!

Here’s a popular Fantasy Kabaddi App and Site 

This is the turning point where you zero in on a portal that upholds your trust and incentivizes your skill and time through seamless gaming and a tangible stream of rewards. An Indian gaming space that passes this test fair and square is BalleBaazi (BB). 

It features three popular fantasy sports of the day- Fantasy Kabaddi, Fantasy Cricket and Fantasy Football.  These top offerings are powered by an impressive structure of fantasy sports matches and leagues that correspond to upcoming live matches and is enhanced by a string of cash bonuses and premium rewards.

BalleBaazi’s fantasy kabaddi app goes the extra mile to meet a certain critical set of functions that makes it a monster app. Let’s swipe a glance at its features.

  • It lets you enjoy three best fantasy games- Kabaddi, Cricket & Football

  • 100% legal and secure app

  • Bank-grade security for deposits and withdrawals

  • Best fantasy Kabaddi games with the widest variety of leagues

  • A player centric points system 

  • It offers leaderboard rewards for consistent performers

  • Excellent UI and seamless performance

  • It practices fair play and responsible gaming in its gaming zone

  • It offers 24*7 customer support

Moreover, the more time you spent on this portal, the bigger and better your returns get in terms of rewards such as premium gadgets such as OnePlus 7T, Samsung Galaxy M30, and attractive cash prizes. All it takes on your part is your excellent hold on the sport.

Summing up

In this article, we have discussed the best attributes that a fantasy sports app and a site can together carry to offer a superior experience to players of all stakes. We advise you to choose an online gaming portal that helps you make the most of your time by adding a wide variety of the best fantasy kabaddi, cricket and football games so you could play your favourite sport whenever you want. 

All you need to do is to get started!

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