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Khelo Youth India | A dynamic way to generate exceptional sportspeople!

‘Khelo Youth India’ in Guwahati, Assam started today. As you read this article, as many as 11,000 aspiring sports athletes will be gearing up for the day’s events and for the future events.

Ishwar Parmar
Last updated: 10.01.2020
Khelo Youth India School Games 2020 | Sports Social Blog

It’s the start of a new decade already and how is India kick starting off this new decade? By launching ‘Khelo Youth India’ in Guwahati, Assam, today! As you read this article, as many as 11,000 aspiring sports athletes will be gearing up for the day’s events and for the future events. 

Image source @ Khelo India Website

If you don’t know about this event then you ought to know because this national sports event is a way that India will select the finest athletes and will be awarded an annual scholarship of rs 5, 00, 000/- to prepare them for international sporting. This multidisciplinary grass-root games are held in two categories, namely under-17 school students and under-21 college students. 

‘Khleo Youth India’, why, when and where?

As we know the main objective of the event, let us go back in time when it was started! Khelo Youth India is a brain child of the Ministry of Youth and Sports affairs. The ministry is on a quest to instil the spirit of sportsmanship in as many Indian youths as it can. It not only focuses on preparing athletes for international sports events but also to make the youth of India fit and healthy and practice sports in their day to day lives! It wants us to keep the spirit of sports till we live.

So the first event was held on 31st January 2018 in Delhi at Indira Gandhi Arena. The event was inaugurated by our honourable Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi. The event was well received and many students around the nation participated in the event.


Image source @ Khelo India Website

The second edition took place on 09th January 2019 in Pune at Shree Shiv Chhatrapathi Sports complex. The event saw huge numbers of participants, nearly 9,000!

And the third edition of ‘Khelo Youth India’ is held at LINPE, Sonapur, Guwahati, Assam

It’s going to be 13 sportful days!
Not 10 or 15 but 20 diverse sports will be held in this sports event for the following 13 days! The events will be held from 10th January 2020 to 22nd January 2020. So which sports are included in this programme? We are all familiar with these 20 sports and these are - 

1. Archery

11. Judo

2. Athletics

12. Kabaddi

3. Badminton

13. Kho Kho

4. Basketball

14. Shooting

5. Boxing

15. Swimming

6. Cycling

16. Table tennis

7. Football

17. Tennis

8. Royal Global

18. Volleyball

9. Gymnastics

19. Weightlifting

10. Hockey

20. Wrestling

Who’s gonna take the trophy!
Well, to know which state will take the most trophies, we will have to keep it up with the ‘Khelo Youth India’ event. Well I cannot wait to know who takes the maximum number of medals this year! While we wait till 22nd January 2020 to know the final winners, let me take you to the previous winners.

In the first edition of the ‘Khelo Youth India’ event, Haryana, stood on the first pedestal followed by Maharashtra and Delhi. 

            (‘Khelo Youth India’ Games Day 2 Highlights, 2019

In the second edition, Maharashtra proudly took the first pedestal in their own game hosting state, followed by Haryana and Delhi.

Image source @ Khelo India Website

Well, for this year! We will have to take a back seat and see who takes the most medals.

So who you think will take the most number of medals this year! Till then Khelo India!

(‘Khelo Youth India’ campaign ad for 2019)

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