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Conor McGregor the untold story

Conor McGregor Announced his retirement through his social media on the 26th March 2019 with a record of 21 wins and 4 losses.

Last updated: 29.03.2019
Conor McGregor the untold story | Sports Social Blog

Before turning into the most entertaining athlete in the Fighting Industry, Conor McGregor was a broke young man doing all sorts of a job like plumbing to have enough to pay for his gym and to put out a meal on his table. McGregor had struck a friendship with Tom Egan who happened to be his schoolmate and was the first Irish fighter to ever compete in the UFC. Tom Egan had helped him train and develop his MMA skills. Tom introduced Conor to his current coach John Kavanagh and made him join the Straight Blast Gym back in Dublin, Ireland.

Conor knew he couldn’t spare the time he had to do anything other than UFC and had decided to give up on any other job he had and to fully focus on Mixed Martial Arts. Conor Lucked out when the Founder of UFC Dana White had decided to tour Ireland in 2013 and give McGregor a chance to compete in the UFC. His first fight was against Marcus Brimage who he had defeated easily and had collected a huge sum of 60000 Dollars as a bonus for knockout of the night.

Conor McGregor was mainly known for being a trash talker and talking whatever he wanted through the Press conference. People turned up to see whether he was worth the hype. When Conor McGregor faced Jose Aldo in UFC 194. All it took him was 13 seconds to knock out Jose Aldo which is one of the fastest time ever for a knockout in the Championship match to be the New UFC Featherweight Champion of the World and he had ended Aldo’s 10 years unbeaten streak.

Conor McGregor created Pay Per View Records over and over again and brought UFC into the map and brought them huge amounts of money. When Conor McGregor had decided to face Nate Diaz on a short notice, which caused him his first ever defeat in UFC history. He had asked for a rematch challenging Diaz in his weight class and had defeated him. Not only did Conor win the match but he created a record Pay per view buys for UFC by generating 1.65 million buys which were the largest in UFC history then.

McGregor being the hungry fighter he was, seek out for more gold and money and had challenged the then Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez to a title fight in 2016 and had knocked him out to be the second person ever to hold Two titles of different weight classes at the same time.

Conor having conquered the UFC divisions, ventured into a different sport to challenge one of the greatest boxers of all time Floyd Mayweather to a boxing match in 2017. Many expected Conor to be knocked out within the first few rounds of the game but Conor gave the people a show and lasted for 10 rounds. He created yet another huge chaos in the Pay per view buys by bringing in 4.3 million Pay per view buys. He racked in nearly 100 million US dollars.

Conor took a 2-year break from the UFC and had come back to face Khabib Nurmagomedov in UFC 229 at Las Vegas. Conor had shown signs of not being able to compete the way he used to do like before since the first round, but he gave the fans a show and lost to Khabib by Submission. Like always that main event created another huge record for the biggest MMA Pay per view event ever with 2.4 million buys in the United States alone and generated 17.2 Million Dollars from all around the world. He has headlined four of the biggest six highest selling UFC Pay per view events.

Conor McGregor Announced his retirement through his social media on the 26th March 2019 and has brought an end to an amazing career at MMA with a record of 21 wins and 4 losses.

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