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NCAAF Profiles: Utah State Aggies

In this article, check out the Utah State Aggies NCAAF Profile. Statistically, the Utah State Aggies are an amazing college football team.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 05.05.2023
NCAAF Profiles Utah State Aggies

Statistically, the Utah State Aggies are an amazing college football team. The last conference championship they won was in 2021, and this lead was mostly attributed to coach Blake Anderson.

However, a team isn’t just one person. The whole team has to do well, if they want to keep this lead.

Today we will deep dive into the team profiles this year, and pick out the best players for passing, rushing, receiving, and scoring. These are the areas that can change college football betting odds, and keep the team in first place.

Best Passing Player In The Utah State Aggies

A good passing player needs more than a high completion percentage. They need a high attempt margin and high yard count too.

Most profile comparisons will only look at the completion percentage, but Stephen Kotsanlee tells us why that method won’t give you a real picture of events. Kotsanlee has a 100% pass competition record this season so far, but that's because he only attempted a pass once.

In second place is Bishop Davenport with 61.4%, and this is Cooper Legas with 61.1%.

Compared to the player’s attempt figures, only one of those three is worth mentioning - Cooper Legas. This quarterback has made 221 attempts, and his 3rd highest competition percentage rate shows us that Legas is the most likely to complete a good number of passes.

Second place goes to Logan Bonner with 110 attempts, but only 56.4% were successful.

The next thing we need to consider is the yards, 221 attempts might look good in theory but if they add up to 221 yards, Legas would be a dud player. Luckily, that isn’t the case as Legas has reached 1499 yards this season so far.

In second place is Bonner again with 753.

Without a doubt, the best passing player on the Utah State Aggies is quarterback Copper Legas.

Best Rushing Player In The Utah State Aggies

A good rushing player needs to get themselves in play and push as many yards as possible from their attempts.

The player with the most rushes this season is Calvin Tyler Jr. He has attempted 253, creating 1122 yards for an average of 4.4 yards per rush.

In second place is good old Legas with 108 attempts, and a total of 303 yards for an average of 2.8 yards per rush.

And third is Robert Briggs with 74 rushes, reaching 353 yards and 4.8 yards per rush.

These three players achieved the most yards in their rushes on the team, and Tyler turned 7 of those attempts into touchdowns!

Running Back Calvin Tyler Jr is of course the best rushing player in the Utah State Aggies. If we saw him in the 2023 NFL draft we would snap him up.

Best Receiving Player In The Utah State Aggies

The same thought process can be used on the receiving players. To find the best, we need to look at who created the most receptions, and how many yards that granted them.

Straight off the bat, Brain Cobbs has received 76 receptions this season so far, for a total of 923 yards. That's an average of 12.1 yards per rush.  

In second place is Terrell Vaughn with 56 receptions, reaching 634 yards. That’s an average of 11.1 yards per rush.

In third place is Justin McGriff with 30 receptions, reaching 438 yards. That’s an average of 14.6 yards per rush.

This is where things get tricky, McGiff has the better yard average, but Cobbs is getting himself into the game to produce more consistent results.

Because of Cobb’s consistency, we have to say that he is the best receiving player in the Utah State Aggies.

Best Scoring Player In The Utah State Aggies

And now for the crowd favorite. Which player is scoring the most points? In first place is a familiar name by now - Calvin Tyler Jr. This running back has scored a total of 8 touchdowns this season so far, 7 were rushing and 1 was receiving.

In second place is Terrell Vaughn with 7. 1 was rushing, 5 receiving, and 1 more as a kick return.

In third place is Brain Cobbs with 5, all of which came from receiving.

Tyler has been scoring the most points so far, and he has a constant skill for a rushing touchdown. If you’re placing specific bets, you should put some dollars on Tyler completing a rushing touchdown in his next game.

With praise like this, how can you expect us to pick anyone other than Calvin Tyler Jr as the best scoring player in the Utah State Aggies?

Final Thoughts

Two names keep appearing in our profile review. Cooper Legas the quarterback, and Calvin Tyler Jr, the running back.

Unfortunately, Legas is currently injured and is sitting out of the foreseeable games. He has an injury to his lower legs, and his return date isn’t scheduled yet. Tyler, however, seems as fit as a fiddle.

The team ideally needs both of these champions to continue their positive momentum, but until Legas comes back, we are unsure of how their season will play out.

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