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Who Are The Long Shot Super Bowl Contenders For 2024?

In this article, we will look at who are the long shot Super Bowl contenders for 2024? The 2023 NFL season is scheduled to start on 7th september 2023.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 13.04.2023
Who Are The Long Shot Super Bowl Contenders For 2024?

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Normally when we look at Super Bowl contenders or teams within the NFL, we want to see the winners. We want to figure out which players we should add to our daily fantasy sports, learn which teams to bet on, or pray that our team will do well.

This time, however, we want to look at the underdogs. The long-shot teams that probably won’t make it.

Some betting platforms will allow you to pick on the team first out as a way to earn winnings at every point of the season. So who should you be looking at?


Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks weren’t expected to reach the playoffs during their 2022 season, but they did it by the scrape of their teeth. From that amazing turnaround, Seattle seems to be improving this season too.

They are becoming more aggressive in their offense, and are holding their defensive line well. But this information is against other teams in the division. The NFC West isn’t doing well in itself, so this upward trajectory could simply be inflating the Seahawks' ego.

The Seahawks were underdogs in 2022 and finished in 10th DVOA in 2023. The likelihood of them winning the Super Bowl in 2024 is low. Even with the top opportunities in the NFL draft picks, the team cannot make it to the Super Bowl without a dramatic change.

But let's consider the “What If”s. In 2023, the Seahawks lasted much longer than they should have. And who was responsible for the tightened grip in the league? Geno Smith.

Smith seems to be going through a resurgence at the moment, and for a short time, his name was considered in the Most Valuable Player discussions.

But as the year continued, Smith’s ability wavered. It seems like his burst of power only lasted a short time. If Smith can elongate his resurgence this time around, they would last longer in the league.

The same goes for Jamal Adams. Now that Adams is healthy again, he should be able to bring the team back to a good defensive stance.

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are a tricky one. Last year they had the worst record in the NFL, but many scouts think the plummet was on purpose.

Now they have access to some of the best new players in the drafts.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Last season, the best player on the Chicago Bears was Justin Fields. This quarterback lived up to the hype and became a real contender for the 2023 Most Valuable Player award.

He came in 9th place in the voting despite his team’s flop of a performance. 9th place is great normally, but with the team dragging him down, it’s an unreal position to be in.

So back to this year. Scouts and strategists alike have suggested that the Bears have a trap in place. They now have the top pick for the next drafts and around $100 million to spend. They will probably be searching for a defensive player to boost their current failing guards.

But will that be enough to get them back to the Super Bowl in 2024? Our guess? No.

Sure it might give them a better position than last year - nothing is worse than last after all - but the team needs more than a few fresh faces to sharpen their game.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers should be good. Looking at their roaster, they should be great. But something isn’t matching up. To make matters worse Coach Matt Rhule has left the team, and the Panthers need a new quarterback.

The team should be done after the shocking exit and bad play last season, but Chicago has given them a helping hand. The Bears gave up their 1st pick opportunities to the Panthers, which means Carolina should get the best quarterback in the drafts.

But their team is already good. Adding another high-statistic player doesn’t mean the team will do well, as last year showed us. So what went wrong?

Caroline didn’t win their division. P.J. Walker, Sam Darnold, and Baker Mayfield all failed to complete more than a 60 percent pass rate, and it cost them.

We shouldn’t be surprised to see these players benched for all or most of the next season.

The Panthers need a new quarterback and a new defensive player that will gel well with new coach Frank Reich. 

Frank Reich was the head coach for Indianapolis Colts between 2018 and 2022. The team never beat their division under his coaching, which led to the team firing Reich.

Now Reich is the head coach of the Panthers, we don’t think his track record will improve their chances.

A failing coach and failing quarterbacks, how will the Panther’s recover from this?

Final Thoughts

The Seahawks, Panthers, and Bears all had a bad season last year, but looking at their progress none of them are likely to improve for the 2024 Super Bowl. 

We will be surprised if the Panthers manage to turn their bad luck around. Come on Carolina, prove us wrong!

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