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Know the Art of War: How to Earn Real Money with Poker

Poker is one such mind sport that has created a lot of buzz over the past few years in the internet of gaming. Here's a guide to play poker online.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 24.01.2020
How to earn real money with Poker | Sports Social Blog

The online gaming industry is growing at breakneck speed over the past decade and it doesn’t intend to breathe easy any time soon. This parallel universe has its own set of audience in abundance that might cross the 1 billion mark by the end of 2020. While veterans and start up gaming operators are reaping its exploding benefits, the user base is collecting their own share from the massive harvest. This seems to be the ideal time to give an extra boost to your bankroll by earning plenty through real money games of your choice.

Poker is one such mind sport that has created a lot of buzz over the past few years in the internet of gaming. Its inherent appeal and complexity challenges even the best trained minds every time they are facing the felts, whether on a live game or online. Coherently, its market appeal is so high that its tournaments are one of the biggest in the world, take the example of World Series of Poker (WSOP) whose prize money of INR 70 Cr+ for the 2019 winner Hossein Ensan, surpasses any other tournament by a whopping margin.

So, let’s make some space in our lives this 2020 and attract big and small opportunities by earning some real money online through the most amazing game of the 21st century.

Poker Odds- Earn Real Money Online for Free

Before we delve deeper into the earning scope through poker, prospective players need to understand the nature of this skill game and its innate qualities that players crave to create and maintain a favourable place in the poker circuit. Poker is a meta-game that demands a blend of a complicated set of skills- Mathematics, Reverse Psychology, Analytical & Logical Reasoning and Composure. Even though some may be naturally endowed with these attributes, sufficient experience is required to maintain one’s composure during unfavorable situations and avoid going on tilt.

Texas Hold’em takes a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master”, a famous quote aptly said by poker veteran Mike Sexton.

Hence, it makes sense for new and periodic players alike to take time and play plenty of free games before considering their next big move. Some gaming platforms offer rewards on practice tourneys to offer ample motivation to level up your game. PokerBaazi (PB), an online poker giant launched free entry tournaments in 2019 with the intent to bring in new players to the realm and allow them abundant opportunities to play poker and earn real money online for free.

These FETs feature a monthly guaranteed prize pool of INR 30 LACS that has pushed players to climb the performance leader faster in a relatively short time span.  Some exclusive features of the FETs are worth a mention.

·       24*7 Free training platform for players to hone their skills

·       They run every 30 minutes round the clock on the PokerBaazi app

·       2 Monthly Leaderboards to track your performance in real time

·       Leaderboard 1 rewards Top 3 finishers who have made maximum withdrawals with premium rewards such as One Plus 7T, JBL Headphones etc

·       Leaderboard 2 rewards Top 20 finishers who played maximum FETs with 1000 Real Cash bonus each

FETs extend an ideal stepping stone to learn the tricks of the trade and monitor one’s own performance with every passing game. Playing enough FETs shall prepare you against the odds of earning real money in poker in future. You may download the PB games app from to play poker and win real money today. For free games, tap on “Free Entry” to play Texas Hold’em free tourneys every 30 minutes.

Poker Tournament types- Money Earning Games

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra”. An edgy quote by former footballer Jimmy Johnson that resonates well with this mind sport. It has been established that the earning potential in poker is boundless but it only rewards those who are willing to go above and beyond.

So, one must know the several kinds of poker games and tourneys that cater to different styles, skillset and intent of play.

1.     “Sit and Go” Cash games

The most ideal game type for transitioning players. It has no slated time and starts whenever the seats are filled. The idea is to enter, play, win some and exit whenever you feel like. The entry fees are usually minimal and players enjoy ease and flexibility of time in this format.

       Pros of money earning cash games

·       It offers more room for analytical play. Players do not have to worry about blind level increase and pay jumps in cash games unlike tournaments.

·       Earning real money in cash games in India require smaller bankroll than tournaments.

·       It carries lesser swings than tourneys where one swing can cost you dearly.

While these are the fixed pros of cash games, players should not expect huge prize money in this category. They offer appropriate space to get acquainted with the real money world of poker and prepares you to handle big rakes and occasional swings.

2.     Tournaments

Winning huge stacks and catching the envy of others only come with poker tournaments. It is a fitting reflection for regular players towards professionalism. Tournaments are of many kinds and are mostly time consuming and hence, require deeper level of commitment. Even recreational players play tournaments for the sake of experience against pros and maybe gain some limelight rather than mere profit. Thus, players must be highly aware of their skillset, game strategy and style and know their end goal.

Some tournament types are:                      

·       Guaranteed tournaments (GTD) & Multi-table tournaments (MTT)

The most common type of tournaments where the prize pool shall reach a guaranteed amount and be eventually distributed among top finishers accordingly. In MTTs, players compete at different tables and get eliminated one after another. Tables then get broken and assembled together and remaining survivors reach the final table to compete for their share of the prize money.

·       Knock out and Progressive Knockout tournaments

A bounty generated by an extra buy-in amount is placed on each player that is won by the one who eliminates him or her. In Progressive Knockout, you win part of the bounty and the remaining amount is added to your bounty.

·       Re buy- and Re-entry tournaments

Re-buy tourneys allow you to buy more chips once are out of chips as opposed to regular tournaments in which once you are eliminated, there’s no come back. Re-entry tournaments let you re-enter if you are eliminated but only till a limited time.

·   Turbo Tourneys

They are faster than standard tournaments and blind levels increase much faster. Hence, they call upon a vast change in strategy.

·   Satellite tournaments

There are mini tourneys where the winner gets entry ticket to a high value tournament.

Final Thoughts on Real Money Earning Journey

New cash players looking to earn real money experience through tournaments usually begin with low stakes. However, finding success in any specific kind demands deep research and arming yourself with solid game strategy. On that note, we bid you Godspeed on your real money earning endeavors and hope you make it to the final table of your dream tournament in no time.

May the odds be with you!!!

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