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WWE Extreme Rules Match Card Prediction

Extreme Rules PPV is going to host some mind-blowing matches which are going to change the trajectory of the WWE forever.

Last updated: 09.08.2018
WWE Extreme Rules Match Card Prediction

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WWE Extreme Rules PPV is the next big event in the field of professional pro-wrestling. This PPV have witnessed several history in the past. It has given birth to several new superstars, and have also witnessed the demise of several other players.

This year also, Extreme Rules PPV is going to host some mind-blowing matches which are going to change the trajectory of the WWE forever. Here, in this article, we present you predictions and possible outcomes of those matches.

Let us analyse each match, one by one.


1.       # Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax- RAW Women’s Championship

Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss are former best friends. Jax is likely to dominate throughout the match. Given her unique physique, she can easily take down Alexa Bliss. However, Mickie James will be there in Bliss’s corner and Ronda Rousey will be present also. This could be a tough one for Bliss, however, she is likely to retain the Championship.

Prediction- Alexa Bliss retains her Championship

2.       # AJ Styles vs Rusev- WWE Championship

Rusev is finally getting the push he has been waiting for years. He has been with the WWE for a long period of time, but has no notable achievements other than winning the US title once. However, defeating AJ Styles is not the easiest thing to do in WWE. These match would be really interesting to watch as both the players are extremely talented. However, Styles is likely to win this contest.

Prediction- AJ Styles retains his WWE Championship

3.      # The Deleter of Worlds vs The B-Team- RAW Tag Team Championship

Even though Curtis Axel has won back to back two matches against Matt Hardy on RAW, it is highly impossible for them to win the Tag Team Championship. The B-team can put up a good fight against Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt but it would take something really exceptional from them to win the Championship.

Prediction- Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt retains the title.

4. #    # Carmella vs Asuka- SmackDwon Women’s Championship

The ex-factor in this match is going to be James Ellsworth. At the MITB PPV he costed Asuka her Championship. In all probable, he will interfere again. However, WWE could change things this time and make Asuka win. This could open up new story-lines. This could also give Asuka the limelight she deserves.

Prediction- Asuka wins and become the new Champion.

5.      # The Bludgeon Brothers vs Team Hell No- SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Team Hell No is looking in the best shape of their career. Both Bryan and Kane are world class athletes and can take down Harper and Rowan. However, the Bludgeon Brothers would not back down easily. They would be a tough team to beat. But, looking at the past history, Team Hell No has the upper hand.

Prediction- Team Hell No becomes the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions

6.      # Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins- Iron Man Match for Intercontinental Championship

This should be one helluva match. It is after a long time that WWE is organizing an Iton Man match. The only person who will change the course of this match is Drew McIntyre. He would be there in Ziggler’s corner and this should server him the advantage. Even though Rollins will put up a good fight, Ziggler would retain the title.

Prediction- Dolph Ziggler retains the title.

7.      # Roman Reigns vs Bobby Lashley

It seems WWE is obsessed with Roman Reigns. This match is going to be a good contest mostly because it has Bobby Lashley. WWE should stop wasting time on Reigns and make Lashley the no 1 contender. He can put up a better competition against Brock Lesnar. That would be ‘best for businesses.’

Prediction- Bobby Lashley wins the match

8.      # Shinsuke Nakamura vs Jeff Hardy- US Championship

This should be an exciting encounter. Nakamura is one of the best players in the SmackDown roster. He can deliver an outstanding match with Jeff Hardy. Hardy would not let his title go easily. However, WWE management should try and make Nakamura win.

Prediction- Nakamura wins and becomes the new United States Champion.

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