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Understanding Muscle Injuries and their symptoms

Muscle injuries are any kind of distortion to the body leaves the muscle to stretch or tear, thus, causing discomfort and pain. In this article, we take a look at their types and symptoms.

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Last updated: 02.06.2020
Understanding Muscle Injuries and their symptoms | Sports Social Blog

One of the most common injuries that occur to a sportsperson is muscle injury. Muscle is a band of fibers in the body that has the ability to contract, provide movement, and maintain body postures. Any kind of distortion to the body leaves the muscle to stretch or tear, thus, causing discomfort and pain.


The intensity of the sports injuries varies from the kind of exercise the body is put through. When we look at sports in general there are many activities that the body has to go through to get it at a place where we can perform that game at the highest level. For better performance, various muscles have to be built and nourished to be able to take the strain of that particular activity.


The different kinds of Muscle Injuries are:

1. Swelling, bruising caused by stretching the muscle in different parts of the body.

2. Sharp pains while performing certain tasks

3. Soreness

4. Muscle spasm is a very common symptom that can be caused by being positioned in a particular position for a long time.

5. Weakness caused by bleeding and rupturing of blood vessels in the muscle.

6. Extremes of injuries are caused when there is a tear to the muscle fiber due to which there is an inability to use that particular area of the body.

In Image: Tear in Calf Muscle (Source: Calf Strain) 

These are some of the common symptoms that are related to muscle injuries. The human body is an interesting machine. To help avoid injuries we need to understand the limitations that the body can go to while performing various exercises. Each sport requires a different level of bodily exertion. Many times, injuries occur because we tend to overuse the muscle while having not exercised that particular muscle properly.


As we dive deeper into different muscles, the injuries that different muscles go through, and the kind of treatment that can be administered: our goal is to help sportspersons understand the everyday home remedies for quick recovery. We also want to be able to educate the community on how to take care of the muscle. When we understand the functionality, purpose, and level of pressure a certain muscle can take, we can avoid injuring that muscle beforehand.

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