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Best Clashes Ever: Clash of Clans

Best places for friendly clashes, Clash of Clans redefined the mobile gaming market.

Last updated: 05.11.2017
Clash of Clans made a special place in the mobile gaming industry

What could be the trophy range for looting a healthy treasury?

O God, Once again 99%, Frowned! and how to steal dark elixir with this strategy? These questions are often faced by a clasher. Clasher! What's that? 
Supercell launched a freemium strategy game in 2012 " Clash of Clans ", and this game made the people clashers worldwide. The popularity of this game has been increased in last 2-3 years in India, this game is now the most played game in India after candy Crush;  "complete addiction". The interface of this game won't let you know its complicity, but as you start and grow, you will understand what is the price hike, winks! Its buildup is excellent and captivating as well, it will make you wicked: you will make a hell lot of strategies to destroy enemy villages. People are crazy for COC, you will find people playing COC in metros, movie halls, restaurants or even in music festivals because for them "Clan comes first" or to avoid being abandoned from clan wars by the fellow members. 

This game is uniting people in a different way, even busy corporates manage time to play COC, where they are connected with their friends. Clan war doubles the excitement of the clashers in their daily life, every clasher enjoys those 6 mins of life and feels happy if he does get 6 stars.  Advancement of their village & troops delights them the most, for that they even play at team meetings and college lectures. Also, "your troops are ready for battle" thrills them and "your village is being raided" annoys them. Collecting the pieces, it is the best in the class game with full of concepts and strategies, it touches the emotions of the folks and becomes a habit of them.


You will find an Indonesian clan Bourneoman, members are investment bankers, school teachers, Yoga trainers, software engineers by profession but they are active clashers by choice, some of them are married and some of them even have toddlers. Doesn't it sound interesting?
Similarly, you will find an Indian clan Shankara, members are engineers, IAS aspirants, coaching professors, even a 8-year-old kid "Pokemon", despite the generation gap, together they win clan wars, whee!! Clash of clans shows how people are connected as a team for games, regardless of the fact that it is just a mobile game. 
Big artists like Liam Nesson, as angrynesson52 and Steve Aoki, are active clahsers!! Steve Aoki even tweeted "if you play clash of clans you can join my clan DIMMAKCLAN need to be 1500trophies or higher"


Every game should be promoted, and we cannot forget e-gaming from our lives..!! #ChaseYourSport

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