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Top 5 Cricket Records that will whack your mind

With more cricket records being set and broken every year by countries. Well if you don't know much about cricket. Here are some of the records which will remain intact even in future too

Last updated: 22.09.2020
Top 5 Cricket Records that will whack your mind

Cricket is a numbers game. Somebody have said it right it's a game of vulnerability and prediction in cricket isn't in every case right which plainly implies it's around one-day and on that day anything can occur. We have seen records are implied and broken however there are some unusual records which will take monumental effort to go close or even to consider outperforming it. 

The game of cricket has evolved completely over the span of years at first it was only test cricket but later the format of one-day cricket was brought into it while in the later first half of 20th century the shortest format of cricket was also arrived with T-20 cricket. With more cricket records being set and broken every year by countries. Well if you don't know much about cricket.  

Here are some of the records which will remain intact even in future too:


1. Most Numbers of Wickets – 4204?


Let us start with the record which I am certain not everyone knows about. Wilfred Rhodes a Slow left-arm bowler from England holds the record of most number of wickets in first-class cricket by any bowler in history up until now. He was likewise the first England player to step through 100 test wickets and arrive at 1000 runs in tests. Take a look at his first-class batting stats 1,110 matches 39,969 runs including 58 centuries and 197 half-centuries.


Now take a look at his top-notch bowling Stats 4,204 wickets at an average of 16.72 including 287 five wickets-haul and 68 ten wickets-haul - Just Insane. Have you ever observed something like this before by a player who can bat just as bowl ? It is uncommon to see a player of such gauge. Wilfred Rhodes played for 31 long years for England which obviously portrays age has nothing to do with a player. Wilfred Rhodes played his last test at the age of 52. Looking at the forefront cricket it is hard to calculate a bowler would go close to his Records or even in the future.


2.  Most Numbers of Runs – 61,760 Runs:


Another record from the extraordinary Past history. Do you think Sachin Tendulkar perhaps holds this record yet no have you ever heard about Sir Jack Hobbs. An extraordinary top-order England batting run machine who holds a Several records which is difficult to try to go close and even think about to Surpassing it in future.


Sir Jack Hobbs scored 61,760 runs in 834 first-class matches including 273 half-centuries and 199 centuries. There is no mistake in the details, it's a reality which is simply unfathomable. Every one of these records arrived in a period when there was no appropriate gear for the players.


While in the current Cricket who will be the player to go to such a record. The player needs to stay fit all throughout his career to try and consider outperforming it.



3.  Most Numbers of Hundreds – 199:


If you think Sachin Tendulkar holds the records of most number of hundreds in cricket then you are completely wrong. Sir Jack Hobbs holds the records of most number of hundreds in first-class cricket – 199. Not only numbers of hundreds but also a leading run-scorer in first-class cricket. Still this record is unbroken when many great players have arrived but no one was sp consistent enough to even go close to this record.


Even in the future this record will be unbroken as players look to spend more time on bench or take the early retirement from the Career which clearly depicts this record will remain with Sir Jack Hobbs. 



4.  Most Numbers of Wickets in a test match – 19:


It looked unreal at first to believe that a bowler can take 19 wickets in a test match. Anil Kumble with 10 wickets in a match everyone knows about but have you heard about Jim Laker a right-arm off break bowler from England took 19 wickets in a test match against Australia at the Old Trafford.


In the first innings Laker took 9-37 while in the second Innings he took all the 10 wickets with career best figures of 10-53. Jim Laker in his 450 first-class matches took 1944 wickets at an average of 18.41 with the Career best spell of 10-53. Looking at his 19 wickets record it will take the monumental effort to surpass it and who will be the bowler to take 20 wickets in a match?


5. Most Wickets In a 4 match series:


4 match 49 wickets who is that bowler? The main speculation would be Muttaih Muralitharan or Shane Warne or even some state Anil Kumble. However, all aren't right. The bowler was Sydney Barnes. The Enigma called Sydney Barnes. He was quickest to reach 50 test wickets in only 6 games.


Barnes was an extraordinary leg-break bowler of his time. Sydney Barnes also holds the record of 17 wickets in a Test Match after Jim Laker. The record of 49 wickets in 4 match series was accomplished in the last Series of his career by Sydney Barnes against South Africa in 1913-14.


The record is still held by Sydney Barnes as Jim Laker took 46 wickets in 5 match Series in 1956 and Shane Warne took 40 wickets in 2005 Ashes series however nobody other bowler in the history ever came close to it.


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