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A Game to be renowned, Touch Rugby

Touch rugby refers to games derived from rugby football in which players do not tackle each other but instead touch their opponents using their hands on any part of the body, clothing, or the ball.

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Last updated: 10.10.2017
Touch Rugby India | Sports Social Blog

Recently, Team Sports Social interacted with the Delhi Touch Rugby team and extended their support to them. Many hard-working people fit in the team, hailing from different communities and backgrounds. But, despite financial and social constraints for this unrecognized game, they are striving hard to make their and their sport’s unique space. They promote it whenever they find the scope and if not they create one to accomplish it, they engage a few schools for a start and are up for camping in different cities and colleges to train as many sports persons who can preach it to the masses. Moreover, Sports Social has collaborated with them to carry out their endeavors. Sports Social promotes sports in India and promoting touch rugby is a great initiative indeed! We all wish to get the recognition for touch rugby like any other sport, and from now, Delhi Touch Rugby team is on Sports Social.



Also, we managed some useful information about the game for you know how! 


Touch rugby refers to games derived from rugby football in which players do not tackle each other but instead touch their opponents using their hands on any part of the body, clothing, or the ball.


Touch rugby has a number of differences from the traditional games, including its simplicity (it requires very little equipment or goalposts), its ease of learning and the decreased likelihood of injury. As a result, it is a popular social game; mixed-gender and women-only games are also very popular in the UK where Touch Rugby is played in many popular centers around England and Scotland.


Simple rules of touch:


The most popular, codified form of touch rugby is derived from rugby league and features two teams of six players.



A touchdown will be awarded when a player places the ball on or over the score line prior to being touched. A touchdown will be worth one point. The Dummy Half is not permitted to score touchdowns.


Substitution Box:

Teams may interchange players at any time. Players coming onto the field may not do so until the player being replaced has come off. Substitutions must occur at or within the team’s substitution box.


Possession of the Ball:

A change of possession shall occur when:

1) The ball goes to ground.

2) The Dummy half is touched while in possession.

3) The Dummy half places the ball in the Touchdown zone.

4) The 6th Touch occurs.

5) The player in possession steps on or over the boundary of the field of play.

6) A rolling ball is performed incorrectly.

7) A tap is performed incorrectly.

8) At a change of possession, play is restarted with a rolling ball.



A player may pass, knock, throw or otherwise deliver the ball to any onside player in the attacking team. Passing forward is NOT permitted.


The Tap:

The tap is taken by placing the ball on the ground on the mark, releasing the ball from both hands, tapping the ball with the foot, a distance of not more than one meter and retrieving the ball cleanly. Any player from the attacking team may take the tap.


The Penalty:

When a player/team is penalized the non offending team shall restart play with a tap. The tap is taken at the mark and the defending team must retire ten meters from the mark until the ball has been tapped.


Touch Rugby in India:


A sport that is popular in England and Europe is now finding acceptance in this country as well.


The last time you probably heard or read about rugby, the mention of India would have been a remote possibility. After all, we are a nation that dotes on cricket, suffers in hockey and look to other sports to provide this country with an occasional moment of euphoria. So where does rugby fit into all this? Played with great enthusiasm on the Continent (that would be England and Europe), this rough and tough sport has been on the back burner in India for a while but now the sport looks all set to become more mainstream.

Just like other sports, in rugby too a lot will depend on support coming from various quarters like the government and sponsors. A lot of encouragement and financial support has come from the International Rugby Board (IRB) as they do recognize the game's potential. The game is also growing in rural areas of the country. Since rugby is an inexpensive game as you only need a ball and a ground to run around in. It is a great spectator sport and a lot of people initially look at the sport as a form of entertainment but end up taking it up professionally.


In a meeting of sportsperson held on 1st December 2001 at Patiala Shri Tarsem Chand Sharma, Director (Retd.) Sports Authority of India moved a resolution to adopt, introduce, manage, control, promote and develop the game of Touch Rugby – a fast, upcoming and cost-effective game, in India. All were fascinated, that it can be played by people of all ages and required not much equipment except an oval-shaped ball and a field of the size of 70mts x 50 mts. It can be played by men and women separately and also mixed. It requires speed and stamina. The chances of injury in this game were negligible. The members were eager, excited and fascinated about the game and decided to form a body to manage, control and promote this game in India. The thought and concept were translated into action and the Touch Rugby Federation of India came into existence. In pursuance of the resolution, the Touch Rugby Federation of India was formed in December 2001 and was not registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 in February 2002. It was affiliated with the Federation of International Touch, based in Australia in January 2003


The biggest problem the sport faces is lack of infrastructure. "With government support, we will be able to take a giant leap to success."

Touch Rugby Federation of India:

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