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Is Your Pyramid of Eating is Healthy?

Most critical issue raised in youth and especially within the females,they prefer tastier diet rather than the nutritional diet.

Last updated: 02.02.2018
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Healthy food -

Most critical issue raised in youth and especially within the females. Even the food being prepared in the kitchen is to meet the goals of tastier diet rather than appreciating the nutritional diet. Everyone prefers to have a tastier food than to have a healthy food.

Do this really goes well for your body!

According to the governmental surveys, the answer to the above question is a big 'NO" but this is just a fact for the maximum of us because the food we eat is tastier. No matter the food affects the body if it is "yummy" we don't go for an alternate choice.It has been observed that in Indian women, lack of healthy nutrition is very frequent. Out of ten women, only three are fit and truly active. Low hemoglobin, hypertension, high sugar level, weak bones, breast tissue cysts, laziness and much more devastating issues are affecting their health.

In order to overcome this situation of health, Healthy Eating Pyramids is being constructed by Nutrition Australia since 1980. They are continuously improving with all the levels of food in the pyramid to make healthier eating easier.

The pyramid has been categorized into three different levels of food:

The Foundation level:

It is entirely plant-based food which makes up around 70% of the daily diet. One must prefer vegetables, fruits, and grains as they enrich with vitamins, iron, and antioxidants. Two serves of fruits and three serves of vegetables must be the aim for each day in girls.

The Middle Layer :

Food enriching the body with calcium and protein along with vitamins and minerals, under this level. The body needs to be benefited with the efficient amount of dairy product (milk, yogurt, cheese) and non-dairy products (meat, egg, seeds).

The Top Layer :

It includes all the healthy fats in an adequate amount.

Since in other two levels of the healthy eating amount of fat is already enriched so a small amount of healthy fat should be taken instead of saturated fat and trans fat. Usage of olive oil, fish oil, nuts, and seeds is good for health.

You must choose water as your drink and avoid sugary options like soft drinks. One must even limit the intake of salt and sugar.

Considering the basic problems in the female body, the doctors and health associates are worried about their degrading health. There are some of the interesting facts that girls must know about their daily intakes.

Very often it is heard that coffee is preferred by most of us in order to boost up our physical performance. Coffee is helpful in burning out the body fats and losing weight. It even helps to focus and stay alert. They are all true, but one should also know that even if it praised a lot, it's being mocked for centuries. The coffee can be toxic either. It creates restlessness in the body.

" A relaxed mind is a productive mind" Even though coffee brightens the mood, drinking of more than four cups of coffee can be dangerous. More than 4 cups of coffee in a day increases 21% of death chances. Caffeine is the most important element in coffee. Pregnant women will be shocked to know that their baby or the fetus is very sensitive to caffeine. Caffeine reduces the fertility in women.

A woman suffering from hypertension taking two coffees and the woman with no suffering, but taking four coffees, both have the equal blood pressure count after 2-3 hours.Women consuming 31-250 gm of coffee have the chances to develop breast tissue cysts.

Giving preference to fruit juice than whole fruit is also not a good option. A fruit is more effective than its juice as in the process of making the juice pulp and skin of the fruits are removed. The skin is the place where the fruit interacts with sunlight while the pulp contains the fiber.

Skin of grapes helps to reduce the chances of cancer, but they are removed most of the time. In an apple juice 12-14gms of the fiber is lost even though it can enrich the sugar level very quickly. Nowadays the super-markets have tetra packs of fruit juice instead of real juice, which is not good for health.

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