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5 Greatest Tag Team Champions in WWE

The Tag Team Championships are highly prestigious in the WWE. In this, one needs to tag his or her opponent to participate in the match.

Last updated: 11.08.2018
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The Tag Team Championships are highly prestigious in the WWE. This Championship is held by two people or partners. The speciality of this kind of matches is that, one needs to tag his or her opponent to participate in the match.

The Tag Team Championship is existing for a long time. While Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt are the current RAW Tag Team Champions, the Bludgeon Brothers are the present SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Here, in this article we put forth some of the best Tag Team Champions of all time. These teams have created a legacy for themselves and deserves to be acknowledged above the other Tag Teams in the WWE.


5. The Usos

The Usos are the 5 five time WWE Tag Team Champions. They come from the Samoan wrestling family, and is perhaps the best Tag Team that SmackDown Live has at the present. They have defeated some of the best Tag Teams of the world and is thus no 5 on the list.

These two brothers have unbelievable combination. They are outstanding as a team. They co-ordinate well and also has the capability to deliver outstanding promos. It is therefore not easy, to step inside the ‘Uso Penitentiary’. They are also the recipient of the prestigious Slammy Awards in the WWE. Hence, they rightfully deserves the spot on the list of greatest Tag Teams.

4. D-Generation X

There has never been a more controversial Tag Team ever in the history of pro-wrestling. The DX members have shaken the entire WWE management. They won the WWE Tag Team Championship from Jeri-Show at the TLC PPV in 2009 in a tables, ladders and chairs match.

Even though DX had several members, Shawn Michaels and Triple H were the best Tag partners. They lost the titles to the team of ShowMiz in a triple threat Tag Team match. Nevertheless, they remain one of the best Tag Team’s ever in the WWE.


3. The New Day

The New Day is a four times WWE Tag Team Champion. They have several accomplishments on their resume. Be it eating pancakes, or hosting WrestleMania, the New Day has established a unique reputation for themselves. They are equally good with the microphone also.

This team has the potential to become a Champion again in the future. All the three players are outstanding athletes. The New Day is the heart and soul of SmackDown Live and thus they enjoy number 3 position on the list.

2. The Shield

The Shield was probably the most dominant Tag Team to have ever stepped foot in the WWE. They have taken down several superstars in the WWE. The Shield had almost terrorized the entire WWE roster. The trio was simply unstoppable.

The Shield won the Tag Team Championship twice. Once the WWE Championship and then the RAW Tag Team Championship. They have defended it against several teams and proved to be a fighting Champion. Therefore, they deserve the number two spot on the list.

1. Team Hell No

This team is a complete package. No other Tag Team has ever been as entertaining as Team Hell No. Both Daniel Bryan and Kane are diametrically opposite in terms of height, weight, personality and everything.

They used to make the whole WWE Universe sing the ‘yes’ chants like hymn. They even went to anger management classes under Doctor Shelby. It was funny as hell. They won the Tag Team Championship from Kofi Kingston and R-Truth and retained the title for 245 days. They deserve to be acknowledged as the best Tag Team ever in the PG Era of WWE.

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