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Cody Rhodes Signs with WWE - A big moment in professional wrestling

WWE fans and the wrestlers who work for WWE are all very excited that an important member of the competition is coming back home. Cody Rhodes Signs with WWE again.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 21.03.2022
Cody Rhodes Signs with WWE

This news about Cody Rhodes signing with WWE again is the most important wrestling news that is going around since the last few weeks and only just a few days ago has the confirmation come that the deal is official and it is the first big move from AEW to WWE and not just any wrestler from AEW but one of the founders of the company and someone who was instrumental in getting the company off the tracks and he was anti WWE for so many years.

WWE fans and the wrestlers who work for WWE are all very excited that an important member of the competition is coming back home and that he will give the WWE a huge advantage when it comes to AEW and their strategies and if he is booked well then more wrestlers from AEW would be willing to come to WWE and get a bigger audience and a good amount of money as well. Let’s look at the history of WWE and Cody Rhodes

The Start

Cody Rhodes was the son of Dusty Rhodes so he started his career In WWE when he was very young and he was a major part of WWE and was also In a stable called legacy with Randy Orton and he was a multiple times Intercontinental Champion, A tag team champion as well and all was going well until Stardust happened.

The Fallout

As soon as the WWE started giving him stupid gimmicks like him using a mask to protect his face and looking like a clown or the thing that led Cody out of WWE which was Stardust. They thought that he should be like his brother Dustin and become Stardust and that’s when Cody started developing hatred and he left WWE and soon after with the help of Tony Khan and the Elite he formed AEW and they became successful in a short period of time.

The Return

After AEW was formed ,from 2019 their regular TV show called AEW Dynamite started airing and it was receiving a lot of viewers and people were excited that WWE was getting serious competition for the first time in 20 years and Cody was a big part of that. He had great Matches against Dustin Rhodes and then he was also the TNT champion and everything was looking good until the recent contract negotiations started and AEW and Cody were thinking differently so they decided to part ways and since then it was rumored that Cody will come back to WWE and just recently it was confirmed that around 2 weeks back Cody Rhodes signed his new WWE contract and he will most probably have his return match at WrestleMania against Seth Rollins and that will be a cracking first match.

The Implications

This crossover can have huge implications for the future as well if Cody is booked well and strong then a lot more wrestlers from AEW will be looking to go to WWE for a good amount of money and be visible to a more wyder audience and become bigger stars so how this Cody Rhodes situation plays out in WWE booking wise will impact a lot in the future so it’s important for WWE that they do right by Cody Rhodes.

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