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Logan Paul vs Pat McAfee vs Bad Bunny – Who is the best celebrity wrestler in WWE history?

This is a debate that needs to be had between Logan Paul vs Pat McAfee vs Bad Bunny. So currently who is the best celebrity wrestler in WWE history?

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 06.11.2022
Logan Paul vs Pat McAfee vs Bad Bunny – Who is the best celebrity wrestler in WWE history

This is a debate that needs to be had because all 3 of these men are the 3 best celebrity wrestlers in WWE history and no one can touch these 3 and they have shown it match after match. Let’s talk about the 3 of them first , Logan Paul is one of the biggest social media stars and has a crazy following and he is also a boxer. Pat McAfee is a WWE fan for life and he is a great NFL player and also an incredible podcast host and has millions of followers. Bad Bunny is one of the biggest music stars in the world and he has billions of fans and WWE getting him was a big deal.

Before we talk about each one of their wrestling skills in more detail and their matches let’s thank each 1 of them that they took professional wrestling seriously and they are an example for anyone coming to WWE that they should respect this sport and take it as seriously. The ultimate dream match at WrestleMania would be these 3 facing off. So, let’s see who is the best among the 3.

Bad Bunny

First we will talk about Bad Bunny who is the biggest star of all 3 of them as he is the music sensation and one of the biggest stars. Bad Bunny had his first match at WrestleMania 37 where he teamed up with Damian Priest to take on The Mix and John Morrison. And fans were skeptical of how he would do at WrestleMania but the moment he made his entrance it was understood that he was going to put on a show and what we saw in that match was extraordinary. Bad Bunny did a crossbody, a blockbuster and A Canadian Destroyer. He shocked the world and showed that he was serious about this and then in the 2022 Royal Rumble he was great as he again showed that he is here.

Pat McAfee

The second person we will talk about is Pat McAfee and before he had his first match vs Adam Cole, the fans were against him and then the match happened and he made fans out I’d everybody because he was that good and he has charisma for days. Then Pat McAfee had his WarGames debut and there also he was the star. The fans loved him more and then at WrestleMania 38 he took on Austin Theory in a match that was great and Pat McAfee showed that he can hang in the big stage and then at SummerSlam this year he had another food match.

Logan Paul

Now we will talk about the man of the moment and the reason we are writing this article Logan Paul. Logan Paul was the most hated out of all3 of them and he had to make them his fans. He had his first match at WrestleMania 38 with the Mix vs Rey and Dominik Mysterio and he was the shining light in that match and the fans saw the potential. Then at SummerSlam he had a banger against The Miz where most wrestlers struggled. That match made more fans for him. However z the biggest moment for Logan Paul was last night in his match vs Roman Reigns and in this match he showed the world that he can hang with the best and his performance shocked everyone and now all his haters have turned into his fans

Who is the best?

Now the difficult question is, out of these 3 who is the best and it is a tough one as each one has their strengths and all 3 of them are incredible but the staggering performance by Logan Paul in the match last night made sure that he was the best in the world at this moment. And as I said before the dream match at WrestleMania 39 would be Logan Paul vs Pat McAfee vs Bad Bunny.

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