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Best Shooters in NBA history

Ranking the top 5 best shooters in NBA history. We are going to make a list of the deadliest, sharpshooting, deadeye, range extending shooters the NBA has ever come across.

Last updated: 28.09.2020
Best Shooters in NBA history | Sports Social Blog

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Today we're going to make a list of the deadliest, sharpshooting, deadeye, range extending shooters the NBA has ever come across. Now again this list will comprise of players who aren't in the league anymore and not the ones who are currently in the league. So let's begin. 

5. Larry Bird:

Nicknamed Larry legend, Larry Bird did not miss. A complete marksman was what Bird was. An excellent 3 point shooter and an even better mid-range shooter, Larry was the deadliest of them all. 


Playing for the Celtics throughout the 80's, Larry put up staggering numbers from the floor and was probably the first guy to shoot the ball from behind the backboard in an actual game. 

Larry coming off screens or being open, rarely missed from the floor and is rightfully nicknamed Larry legend due to his down to earth demeanor and legendary gameplay. 

4. Dirk Nowitzki:

The German terminator was the only 7 foot shooter who shot better from beyond the arc compared to his mid range game in one of his seasons. And for any bigman to shoot that well from 3 is an asset every team would want to have. 

But this gem decided to play out his career with the Mavericks. A hall of famer, Dirk made his signature fadeaway a move of awe. The pure poetry in motion the way he faded away from defenders to create space and make jumpers over anyone and everyone. 

Dirk was special. His shooting even more spectacular. He could spot up from anywhere on the floor and was a clutch shooter as well, making a lot of big game winning shots over his career earning him the number 2 spot on our list. 

3. Jerry West:

The logo man, Jerry West is the player the NBA logo has been designed on and rightfully so. Shooting half court shots when the 3 point line wasn't even invented, Jerry West easily bags the number 3 spot on this list.

Listed only at 6'1, West was a big time problem for other teams and a nightmare for coaches because West could literally shoot from anywhere and everywhere. He would spot up the minute you leave him alone. If only half court shots were recorded then, Jerry West would've been the leader of that list, if not for Stephen Curry that is. 

2. Ray Allen:

Ray Allen has to be the number 4 guy on our list. The same work ethic, the same routine, the same sweet shooting form, Ray Allen was a knockdown shooter from the arc. His legendary shot where he shot the 3 to tie for the Miami Heat against the San Antonio Spurs is still a shot talked about to this day. 

Ray Allen has always been a shooter from his early days in the Milwaukee Bucks and then coming over to the Boston Celtics and then over to the Miami Heat and will easily go down as one of the best shooters in NBA history.

1. Reggie Miller:

By the time Reggie Miller retired in 2005, he was considered as one the best shooters to go down in NBA history. One of the most clutch players the world has ever seen, Reggie Miller was a phenomenal shooter. He once averaged more than 40% shooting from the 3 point line while averaging 26.4 points per game. 

Reggie was absolutely clutch. He had played many games against Michael Jordan and hit clutch shot after another for his team. Though the other team always had Jordan to their side, but if it weren't for Jordan, Reggie would've been a multiple time NBA champion and MVP. 

Regardless, Reggie still goes down as the top 5 NBA shooters in history on my list.

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