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The Future of the Dallas Mavericks

You can be sure the Dallas Mavericks will be a serious contender for the title in the upcoming years and will definitely pose a threat around the league.

Last updated: 06.10.2020
The future of the Dallas Mavericks | Sports Social blog

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The Dallas Mavericks did make it to the NBA playoffs with the help of Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis but were knocked out of the playoffs by a strong Clippers team who had two perennial stars in Paul George and Kawhi Leonard.

Though they were knocked out in the first round of the playoffs, the Mavericks have found a true gem in Luka Doncic. He was drafted as the number 3 draft of the 2018 playoffs by the Hawks and was traded away to the Mavericks.

A regrettable move by the Hawks turned into someone you can build your franchise around. Luka is that type of player. Listed at 6'8, Luka can handle the ball like any other guard in the league or even better and has a deadly stepback jumper along with a quick eurostep. Luka has come in clutch many times for the Mavericks and is already the leader of a changing Mavericks roster.


The Mavericks front office was successful in landing one of the more lob-sided trades in the NBA. And in that trade they got a player who was the closest replica of Dirk Nowitzki they could find in the league in Kristaps Porzingis.

Listed at 7'3, Kristaps is a shooting bigman from Latvia. Drafted by the Knicks but never really accepted by the city of New York, Kristaps was traded away to the Mavericks and since then has only made strides with Luka, developing their chemistry both on and off the Court.

Dallas has a history of investing in European players and that really has worked out for them so far. Luka and Kristaps both have the ability to be the prime scorer of the team and can make big shots in clutch situations. Before them was the German terminator Dirk Nowitzki who not only played his entire career with the Mavericks but also got them their only championship which was all due to the German hall-of-famer.

Here's a link on an extensive look at Dirk's career in the NBA | Throwback- Dirk Nowitzki

Since their last championship era, the Mavericks rebuilding phase was put on a fast-track due to Luka and his Luka magic. Dallas front office made an excellent choice and decision to add Porzingis to the starting lineup. Luka and Porzingis are both European players who are well aware of the type of gameplay in European leagues. They compliment each other's game in a

jaw dropping manner.

Here's a look at the dynamic duo of Dallas Mavericks

Another hidden gem the Mavericks possess is the original splash brother in Seth Curry, younger brother to all-star guard Stephen Curry and if we know one thing for sure, it's that shooting runs in the veins of the Curry family regardless of anything.

You can be sure the Mavericks will be a serious contender for the title in the upcoming years and will definitely pose a threat around the league.

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