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Updated Brooklyn Nets Big Three

The Brooklyn Nets starting lineup and bench is capable enough to take down the other strong houses in the league and will be making a deep playoff run this upcoming season.

Last updated: 14.11.2020
Updated Brooklyn Nets Big Three | Sports Social Blog

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We had talked about the newly formed big three in Brooklyn earlier, so let's have a look at where they are right now. (Also Read: The Brooklyn Big Three )

The Nets already had a well-rounded shooting guard in Caris Levert and a rim protecting center in Jarrett Allen. The Nets also had a talented point guard in Spencer Dinwiddie but since the arrival of Kyrie Irving, he's mostly come off the bench or played at the shooting guard position, shifting Levert to play at the small forward position.

Though Kevin Durant made his way to the Brooklyn Nets after playing with the Golden State Warriors, he still hasn't fully recovered from his injury and has stayed sidelined most of the season.


But a completely healthy Nets lineup is going to be scary. Kyrie Irving at point guard, Caris Levert playing at shooting guard, Kevin Durant at the small forward position and then Jarrett Allen & DeAndre Jordan at the power forward & center position.

Now most of us know what Kyrie can do. Easily the best ball handler in the NBA right now, Kyrie can literally take over games with his dribble moves and jumpers.

Caris Levert gives the Nets the option to stretch the floor with his 3 point shooting and his tall 6'6 frame lets him drive inside and finish over bigger defenders.

Then comes Kevin Durant, nicknamed 'easy money sniper'. The game comes easy to Durant. Listed at 6'9 with a wingspan over 7 feet, Durant is a scoring machine. He can fill it up from anywhere on the floor and can also create opportunities for others. Plus we've all seen what Durant is capable of when he's completely healthy.

Video: Brooklyn Nets Big Three

And along with all this offense, there are two big men in the paint, DeAndre Jordan & Jarrett Allen, protecting the rim with their defensive prowess. Now apart from the Nets starting lineup, they have one of the better bench presence in the league.

Leading the Nets bench is their backup point guard Spencer Dinwiddie, a slashing playmaker with high basketball IQ, at small forward is Joe Harris, a proven sharpshooter out of Virginia State. A recently acquired Jamal Crawford, one of the best six men the NBA has ever seen & Taurean Prince who can be considered as a 3 level scorer with 3point scoring, athleticism and inside scoring. And last but not least, their backup center Nicolas Claxton, an interior big who is blessed with athleticism, can score inside and can play exceptional post defense.

Now onto recent times and what the future holds for the Brooklyn Nets. I believe the Nets are going to be a scary sight to see when completely healthy. Their starting lineup and bench is capable enough to take down the other strong houses in the league and will be making a deep playoff run this upcoming season.


Current Superstars - Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant.


Past Superstars - Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, Richard Jefferson, Brook Lopez.


Past legends - Drazen Petrovic, Derrick Coleman, Buck Williams.

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