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A Career as a Sports Engineer | Career Prospects, Best Colleges and Salary

In this blog, we will dig into the career as a sports engineer; skills required, career prospects, best colleges, fee structure, salary prospects and it's future in India!

Last updated: 04.06.2020
A Career as a Sports Engineer | Sports Social Blog

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Footwear built for speed, tennis racquets that produce the perfect spin, the cricket bat that has the perfect curve, and 'fast skin' swimming costumes - top athletes rely on cutting edge equipment created by engineers.


In fact, sports engineering is about the design and optimization of the equipment that athletes use. The field is very broad and we will discuss the various disciplines in this blog. From improving the hull design of a reading yacht to understanding the mechanics of the cricket bounce. Sports engineering requires expertise in several technical skills, from mechanical design to aerodynamics, material science to computer modeling.



Sports Engineers design equipment and then work closely with the athletes to understand their interaction with that equipment and improve their performance. They are responsible, for example, for the introduction of a new type of goalkeeper's glove. It is made using a complex elastomeric compound such that when compressed by an impact - its molecules such together. The material stiffens, absorbing the impact, thus, protecting goalies' hands without compromising on the flexibility of the dive.


Skills required:


Sports Engineering is a technical field and there are various skills that are required for a career in this field. First and foremost, you should have a love for sports (not necessarily an ability to play). An interest in Physics and Maths and a desire to understand how things actually work in the industry. You should have the ability to observe data effectively and efficiently. Knowledge of Aerodynamics can also prove to be of utmost importance. You should always be open to feedback from sportspersons who finally use the products.

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Career prospects and different specification:


Below are the different job profiles in Sports Engineering along with the average salary per annum in that particular field:

●  Calibration Engineer: these engineers are the ones who make alterations in different types of instruments and machines as well as the components related to them using different software. Their primary job is to ensure that precision settings are placed in accordance with the established standards. The average salary per annum is 10.23 lakhs

●  Design Engineer: These engineers are involved in researching and developing different ideas and systems for manufacture. They also work towards the constant improvement and efficiency of prevailing products. The average salary per annum is 6.07 lakhs.

●  Product Development Engineer: they are involved in creating a product design in accordance with the client/company's strategic objectives. Their job also includes overseeing the design and research teams, leading the trading procedure, and drafting specifications. Their average salary per annum is 4.45 lakhs

●  Research and Development Engineer: these engineers analyze processes and conduct experiments. Moreover, they also take on the consulting roles and provide recommendations during the Research and Development (R&D) Process. Their average salary per annum is 6.00 lakhs.


How to become a Sports Engineer?


One way to get into this career field is to do an engineering degree. The duration of this course is four years. You normally need a minimum of two A levels or the equivalent in subjects including maths and engineering science/physics.


Another option is to go in at the technician level. To do this, you need an apprenticeship or a National Diploma in Engineering. Students may then be offered the opportunity to train at a higher level.


Best colleges for a career in Sports Engineering:


The field of Sports Engineering is relatively small, with no organization ranking such programs. However, here are the programs in India that allow specialization in Sports Engineering, often with research opportunities too. Here is the list of colleges along with their location and fee structure:


Cornerstone International College

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Fee Structure: 62,500 per Annum


Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Fee Structure: 156,625 per Annum


Sports and Management Research Institute

Location: Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Fee Structure: 89,750 per annum



It's future in India:


The equation is simple. Unless we have engineering in sports, we cannot improve the level of playing in India. And hence, some institutes have come up with a course on sports engineering in India.


As people will continue to look to technology to improve performances, sports engineering certainly has a great scope for development. So someone with the right skills and qualifications would have a good chance of getting a job. Entry-level salaries range between 5.5 to 7.5 lakhs a year depending on where you live and your skillset.

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