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A career as a Sports Analyst | A relatively new concept

In this blog, we will discuss the pathway to a career in sports analytics apart from the skills required, roles and responsibilities, salary prospects and it's future in India!

Last updated: 02.06.2020
A career as a Sports Analyst | Sports Social Blog

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In today's scenario where every major industry is facing a roller-coaster ride with profits and losses, there is one particular industry that is rapidly going up regardless of the market scenario. The industry has been booming over the past few decades. It is the Sports Industry. However, one move that proved to be a game-changer was the merger of data analysis with sports.

Data Analytics is a field that applies data analysis techniques to analyze various components of the sports industry, such as player performance, business performance, recruitment, and more. The learning from these analyses is then used to make informed decisions that enhance the performance of a particular team or a sporting organization. 

Taking the game of cricket as an example. The speed of the bat, speed of the ball, ground conditions, humidity, temperature, etc. are the data recorded for every match. This data might seem useless to a viewer, but a sophisticated sports analyst knows what to do with it. The data helps in drawing comparisons and conclusions about a game. Comparisons like 'performance of a batsman or a bowler under particular temperature/humidity' or 'performance of a batsman or a bowler at a particular pitch'. 


So those who have an interest in sports and possess an analytical mindset have the unique ability to turn both of these passions into an exciting and rewarding career. Although this field is relatively new, analytics in sports is changing the dynamics of the game like never before. 

Skills required for a career in sports analytics:

Although there is no qualification required as such, one must develop these skills for a prosperous career in sports analytics:

  • Knowledge of the particular sport: one should have enough knowledge of the sports. And should be tuned with the finest of details about the subject.

  • Building good organizational skills: a sports analyst should maintain a warm relationship with the coach so as to be effective as a unit.

  • Respond effectively to feedback: a sports analyst should keep track of the latest advancements and keep asking for feedback in this regard.

  • Good presentation skills: data looks dull for an average viewer, it depends on the way it is presented to have a meaningful impact.

  • Analytical hard skills: needless to say, an analyst should be equipped with enough knowledge in various analytical software and programming languages, like Excel, SQL, R, and Python coding.

Roles and responsibilities of a sports analyst:

Sports analysts can work for the media houses or can also be recruited by various sporting organizations for detailed reports of every aspect affecting the player's productivity. The responsibilities consist of:

  • Pre-match and opposition analysis production

  • Produce post-match reports

  • Update statistical and video databases for team analysis

  • Delivery of feedback to players and coaches

  • Creation of report on various aspects of performance

  • Interpretation, analysis and dissemination of performance data

How to get into sports analytics:

There is not a definite course on the subject and you should start with a blog or a website and then publish the analysis of famous matches of a particular sport. Never stop learning. Try to be better with your analysis report. Be on the lookout for any kind of opportunity from any big company. Major recruiters in India are Formcept, Sports Mechanics, Kadamba, SportingMindz, and Sports Insight. 

Salary prospects:

The Average Basic Pay for a sports Analyst in India is 3.15 Lakhs per annum with the lowest being 2.43 LPA and the highest being 5.82 LPA.

It's future in India:

A career in sports analytics is in its boom cycle, primarily because there is the perfect mix of high demand and low supply. More and more teams, collegiate and professionals in India are expanding their in-house analytics staff. And with third-party consultants like Fantasy and gambling apps on the rise, the demand can only go up. 

The first impression you get of a sports analyst could be that of a cubicle warrior burdened with thick glasses and a devilishly smiling Einstein poster hanging nearby. Sure, maths skills and idolizing Einstein is important, but there is an even necessary skill to succeed in this growing world. 

This is a career for sports-minded people with an eye for scouting.

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