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Are you a non-athlete who is in love with sports: Check out these sports careers

If you are a sports enthusiast and are looking forward to making a bright career in sports as a non-athlete, here is a list of careers for you to choose from.

Last updated: 08.06.2020
List of Non-Athlete Sports Careers | Sports Social Blog

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Being a sports fanatic, landing a job in the sports arena is a dream come true for many. With more development and expanded scope, one has several career choices in sports other than just professional athlete, commentator, and writer.

While aspiring sports writers, journalists, and commentators still have a lot of opportunities, fans now also have the chance of choosing out other careers in sports based on their individual talent, studies, and passion.

Can’t decide between your professional choices like medicine and sports? You have got the chance to work in both disciplines. All you need to put in your professional subject’s knowledge and expertise in sports. New knowledge has opened gates for various interdisciplinary careers with sports including but not limited to psychology, event management, and statistics.


Most jobs do not require athletic skills or fitness. Only a few jobs like Umpiring and Coaching will need sound knowledge and skills in athleticism. Therefore, you have got plenty of options to start your dream career in sports and don’t worry for you might already have all the required and necessary skills and knowledge.

Take a look at these five specialized sports career options,

Sports Statistical Analyst

Your magic with numbers can come in very handy in becoming a sports statistical analyst. Stats analysts ensure the accuracy of sports data. They help in analyzing, understanding, and predicting the performances of an athlete or team. Some teams hire statistical analysts to help them. If you come across sports stats on any platform, it is a work of the sports statistical analyst. They help in telling stories using stats. The most basic qualification is to have knowledge and passion for sports and statistics (A basic degree).

To know in details about sports statistical analysts: A career as a Sports Analyst 

Sports Psychologist

Sports Psychology is one of the growing fields in the world currently. Sports psychologists work in increasing the mental wellbeing of athletes and others. They assist in ensuring a balanced psychological state and help in maintaining a steady and healthy relationship between the mind and the body. Applied sports psychologists help the athletes in enhancing their performance and goal setting by teaching several methods. On the other hand, a clinical sports psychologist utilizes both teaching methodologies and therapy to assist the persons suffering from both jobs related and personal growth conflicts. Enrolling in a clinical or counseling psychology program with additional classes in sports and other necessary courses will help you in becoming a sport psychologist.

Sports Agent

Sports agents work in direct contact with athletes and handle contracts, negotiations, and business deals on their behalf. They are legal representatives who procure and negotiate employment and endorsement contracts. They are also responsible for communications with team owners, managers, and other individuals. Agents mostly are hired by management companies; they seldom work as independent agents.

A career in Sports Medicine

A career in sports medicine is one of the most promising sports careers. You also have a lot of career paths to choose from within the sports medicine field. It mainly focuses on preventing and treating injuries related to exercise and sports. Sportspeople need to stay fit all the time. This led to the importance of this field. You can choose from various roles like physiotherapists, nutritionists, top-flight trainers, or physicians. An MBBS degree or equivalent diploma certificates are necessarily based on the chosen field.

Event Coordinator

In the sporting world, the event coordinator or organizer plans all aspects from inauguration to the final event and also engages in promoting the event. The schedule and organize the event, take care of transportation, handle media and equipment needs, and a lot more. A bachelor’s degree in hospitality management and experience in the event planning field is basically all that you need.

Sports marketing, coach or assistant coach, umpire, media professional, announcer, and a lot more key career opportunities are available for the talented sports enthusiasts out there. Interdisciplinary sports careers are on a rise and are having good growth over the years. So fellow sports fans, pick your dream career in sports, work along and make your dreams come true.

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