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Best Sports for Scholarships: Forging the Future for Champions

Many countries and organizations around the world have committed to sponsoring students who want to develop as sportsmen and scholars. In this article, we look at the best sports for scholarships and options you can try.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 10.10.2023
Best Sports for Scholarships

Do you love sports? Perhaps it could be time to get seriously involved in it as it can eventually lead you to college. There have been stories of the United States offering sports scholarships. However, this isn’t a US thing as there are several programs that take in thousands of students around the world every year. Many countries and organizations around the world have committed to sponsoring students who want to develop as sportsmen and scholars. As a result, there’s an inherent need to understand the specific scholarships for sports. In this article, we present you with some effective tips to ensure you gain the most out of these programs.

10 Best Scholarships for Sports in the World

A study-abroad opportunity with the prospect of advancing one’s dream in a career of choice is something many people dream of. There are numerous scholarships for sports that offer such rare chances. Here are the best options to try your luck:

FIFA research scholarship

This is one of the best sports scholarships for talented football players. The program aims to promote football-related research. In this regard, it's offered to young scholars looking to advance their knowledge in the subject area to contribute to the success of the industry. The program is managed by the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES) in Switzerland and accepts applications once a year.

Walter Byers scholarships

The scholarship is administered by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. It awards students based on academic merit, selecting male students in a ratio of 1:1. Its provisions make it an ideal choice for learners looking for female scholarships since the selection criteria are hinged on performance rather than the need to achieve equality by ballooning the numbers. The program covers graduate fees for all its beneficiaries.

Sports Unlimited scholarships

This is one of the best sports scholarships for college studies. It targets freshmen and high school students, covering all the costs related to university education. The basic selection criteria is an essay. In this context, it's important for the applicant to be good at scholarship essay writing to get a chance. Regardless of the requirements, it's the best choice for athletes looking for a chance to advance their studies in a nurturing environment.

Boston University athletic scholarships

This is one of the most in-demand scholarships for sports. It draws applications from various professional athletes around the world, making it the most competitive program to access. While it doesn't require you to write official papers, you must meet the basic requirements of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. In the best-case scenario, this program can offer a complete scholarship for your tuition, setting the pace for seamless academic pursuit.

Trinity sports scholarships

Trinity College of Dublin offers one of the most diverse sports scholarship programs. It considers students who have demonstrated outstanding academic capabilities and are ready to pursue further education opportunities. The beneficiaries of this program are obligated to represent the school in all national and university league competitions.

IUKL sports for excellence

This sports for scholarship program is managed by the Infrastructure University in Kuala Lumpur. The program considers students from Malaysia and around the world, making it an ideal choice for those with the dream to pursue higher education overseas. The program requires that all beneficiaries represent their countries or states in game competitions.

BigSun scholarships

The scholarship is provided by the BigSun athletics organization. It aims to sponsor athletes with an interest in academic opportunities. The program is awarded in the United States only and demands proof of academic excellence. One of the requirements of the program is that applicants must submit a written essay. In this context, you might need the services of a professional from a paper writing service such as CustomWritings to ensure you have the best piece. The US-based company understands the technicality of sponsorship essays and can help you ace the selection tests.

The University of West of England’s international sports scholarships

If your goal is to land a learning opportunity in a good UK university then this program might be the best for you. The University of West of England offers athletic scholarships to international students interested in pursuing postgraduate courses at the institution. You must be extremely gifted to get a scholarship at this prestigious institution. Therefore, if you'd want to join the university you must hone your academic skills to meet the cutoff points for the program.

Sports scholarship for international students at Macquarie University, Australia

Australia is one of the best destinations for international students. It offers unmatched potential when it comes to sports scholarships due to the extensive social programs. Macquarie University is one of the organizations that have continued to offer opportunities to students who apply for sports scholarships, giving graduate high school students the chance to pursue bachelor coursework while nurturing their talents.

Massey University’s sports international scholarships

Massey University’s Sports International Scholarship is one of the most sought-after programs. It benefits international students who are willing to travel to New Zealand to get an education. In addition, it demands for a record of high achievement in sports as the primary criteria for eligibility. As a result, it stands out as one of the best sports scholarship programs for students with the zeal and need to grow in foreign lands while enjoying high-quality training sessions.

Top Sports for College Scholarships (2023-2024)

The easiest way to get a sports scholarship is to be good in one of the in-demand games. Here are some of the options for you:

  • Ice hockey - Hockey is a highly competitive sport in terms of making it to the college level. It demands unique skills and mastery of the game while drawing significant support from various sponsors around the world. The wide support from various playing divisions makes it one of the best sports for college sponsorship.

  • Baseball - This is one of the most prominent games in the United States. It's among the best sports for scholarships due to the existence of in-housing support programs. In addition, the Division I level takes part in sponsoring students, making it a sport to consider when looking to get a scholarship.

  • Soccer - This has been one of the greatest sports scholarship opportunities for students and professionals in diverse sectors. As a participant, the game will give you an opportunity to learn and position yourself for success in various domains. 

Benefits of Sports Scholarships for College Students

Are you interested in sports scholarships and what they have to offer? For an aspiring sports researcher, here are the benefits you are likely to reap from applying to the sponsorship programs: 

  • Financial boost to your academic aspirations - Sports scholarships offer financial relief to beneficiaries. As a sports person, getting into one of these programs will give you the chance to go through your graduate or postgraduate education at a subsidized cost. Other scholarships might also cater for the entire cost of education, relieving you of the stress.

  • The scholarships offer opportunities to develop leadership and teamwork skills - As a sportsperson, you understand the value of collaborating and leading other people. By getting into one of these programs you will have the chance to work with other people in your journey to professional and academic development.

  • Sports scholarships offer a subsidized chance to exercise and attain good health - We can't underscore the value of good health and the role of sportsmanship in boosting it. The scholarship programs enable you to access advanced training equipment and give you the opportunity to maintain a taste of physical fitness. Therefore, getting a chance into one of the programs can assure you of the best outcomes.

Gain the Most from Sports Scholarships

Sports scholarships for college students continue to be impactful in the lives of many people. As a ponytail beneficiary, it's important that you access this information to facilitate decision-making. Therefore, this post will give you the right insights to ensure you start on the right footing.

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