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10 Coincidences in Cricket You May Not Know

The game of cricket is full of surprises and coincidences. Here we list down the 10 coincidences in Cricket that you may not believe.

Ritik Goel
Last updated: 13.05.2020
10 Coincidences in Cricket You May Not Know | Sports Social Blog

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  1. Lucky Double Hundreds

Sachin Tendulkar (200 not out), Virender Sehwag (219) and Rohit Sharma (209) were the first Indians to score a double century in ODIs. The unique aspect about each of these innings is that India won the match by 153 runs on each of these three occasions. Quite unbelievable!

  1. Kohli- true successor to Sachin

Both Sachin and Kohli scored their second ODI century against Australia. In their third ODI century against New Zealand, both scored 150+. Both of them have only two 90s as skippers. Both of them have exactly 3 ODI centuries against Sri Lanka at R Premadasa stadium. Lastly, the 58th international century for both of them was against England and each of them scored 103 in that innings. 

Tendulkar completed 1000 international runs against Australia in 1999 in the 19th over of the test match in Melbourne. Kohli achieved the same feat in the 19th over of a test match against Australia in Melbourne. Both were 26 years old and used MRF bats when they did so.


Like the master, like the apprentice!

  1. Combined stats of Cook and Clarke matched those of Tendulkar.

At the end of 100 tests, Michal Clarke had 7966 test runs and 26 hundreds and Alastair Cook had 7955 runs and 25 runs. If we add them vertically, we get 200 tests, 15,921 runs and 51 test hundreds. These numbers are coincidently, the actual test numbers of Sachin Tendulkar 

  1. MS Dhoni's maiden test and ODI hundreds 

MS Dhoni's first test hundred came in a series against Pakistan and his first ODI hundred also came in a series against Pakistan. In both these innings, his final score was 148 and both those hundreds came in his 5th career match for both the formats.

  1. Score of 183 and Indian captaincy

Sourav Ganguly scored an epic 183 against Kenya in the 1999 Cricket World Cup. He became India's captain soon after. Dhoni scored 183 against Pakistan in 2005, he also became India's captain soon after. Kohli, too scored 183 against Pakistan in 2012, and he, too became India's captain later. So watch out for an Indian scoring 183, he may become India's next captain.

  1. Pujara- the new wall

The batting styles of Rahul Dravid and Cheteshwar Pujara are quite similar, both are solid and mentally strong. Their numbers have some degree of parallelism too. Both reached 3000 test runs in 67 test innings, 4000 runs in 87 test innings and 5000 test runs in 108 innings.

  1. The series of number 1

On November 11, 2011, South Africa needed 111 runs to win over Australia when the local time was 11:11. The scoreboard thus read: 11:11 11/11/11

  1. Parallel between Dennis Lillee and Ravi Ashwin

Denis Lillee took his 300th test wicket in his 56th test. He remained the fastest to achieve the feat. However, 56 years later, the same number of test matches Lillee took  to take 300 wickets, Ravi Ashwin became the fastest to 300 wickets in his 54th test. The date on both occasions was 27th November.

  1. Unique ODI series between Zimbabwe and Afghanistan

In the first ODI between these two teams,  Afghanistan scored 333, bowled Zimbabwe out for 179 and won the match by 154 runs. In the second ODI, Zimbabwe scored 333 runs, bowled Afghanistan out for 179 to win the match by 154 runs. The tables turned completely!

  1. Same numbers in the first and hundredth test matches

 England and Australia played their first test against each other in 1877 at the MCG. Australia batted first to score 245 and took a 49-run lead by bowling England out for 196. Australia eventually won the test match by 45 runs. A hundred years later, both these teams faced off against each other at the same venue. After low first innings scores, both teams scored 400+. However, Australia won again and that too by 45 runs as it did hundred years earlier.

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