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4 Reasons Why Big Bash league is better over Indian Premier league

Here in this article take a look at four reasons why Big Bash league is better Over Indian Premier league.

Last updated: 17.08.2020
4 Reasons Why Big Bash league is better over Indian Premier league | Sports Social Blog

Big bash league or Indian premier league is than any difference between these red hot leagues in a era of fast cricket. The formats are same some of the players participate in both the leagues. Although from the entertainment point of the view anything is better for a regular fan who love to watch the 3-hour entertainment. But from the serious aficionados point of view there are too many things which differs these two leagues with some crazy innovations in the big bash league.


Talking about Indian Premier league there are numerous factors which are very good like providing platform for the players to make the name for themselves or hit the headlines in just quick period of a times. Not only it provides the fame to the players but it also secure them financially well enough at the international level. And the public of audience gets every summer an entertaining tournament to spice up the emotions.


But somewhere it is not that famous among other T-20 leagues in the world anymore. To be honest in the recent few years the tournament viewership has been down from the initial days of the league. With the news like bankrupt, teams were banned, spot-fixing from the players or even the founder of IPL Mr Lalit Modi was into the issues which were shocked the fans later on after they came into the news and with all such reasons IPL has been behind from so many other leagues in the world.


Well on the other side the Australian Big Bash League which was started in 2011 has been more successful with the right approach behind this format. The 3-hour entertainment for the family with full of excitement like Zinger Bails, Jumbotrons and Black blades with the smart move to having an autograph session from your favourite players makes the kids to come again in the next match.


From the very inaugural season of IPL there are huge difference for the audience to see the live-action through the metal cage which is not in the Big Bash league as they care about their audience to get the amazing experience from the stands. 

Let us take a look at four reasons why Big Bash league is better Over Indian Premier league:


1. Ideas of Top-Notch Innovations:


What innovation in the T-20 Cricket? This is somewhere Big Bash League (BBL) is very ahead of Indian Premier League (IPL). Some of the top-notch Innovations in cricket was first seen in BBL cricket in the form of Zinger Bails, Black Blades, Jumbotrons and in Cricket – Jumbotrons are used In NBA or Football but with the invasion of BBL back in 2011 it was brought into the cricket scene too.


Looking at the other innovations, BBL having an autograph session of players, Kids zone, rocket man and helmet cams. It is all possible because of BBL because they care about the audience more over the revenue model of generating money.


The day is not that far away when BBL will have floating seats just behind the smart floodlights in a stadium – I am being very sure if there is a league to start something like this BBL will be the first one to do another innovations like this.

Australia and something new to the cricket this alignment is very old – who can forget the idea of kerry pecker world series in 1977 which had changed the dynamics of cricket and with the idea of jersey numbers and the day and night cricket. Australians are always up for innovations into the game of cricket.


Apart from innovations, their website of 8 different franchises in BBL are well interfaces for the audience to get information about players and teams which is not that good with IPL franchise websites of the teams.


2. The Public Opinion:


To be honest, IPL is nowhere the experience of the Big Bash League in terms of public opinion. Have you ever been to Mohali stadium of Chandigarh association – not just you will feel the pain but you will realize the reality of Indian Premier League? People have to wait for long hours to get the tickets for the match and even the infrastructure level is very poor in the Mohali stadium.


The food prices are damn high its something you can't expect after such poor infrastructure and long hours in the queues to get the match tickets. Indian Premier League never concern about the public interest. This was one such incident with me but even the experience in a Wankhade stadium or Chinnaswamy Stadium are very much same you will not get the experience you expect from the other T-20 leagues in the world.


While on the other side, just look at the entertainment BBL brings into the match for the people with the infrastructure like pool seats in a stadium. That's true it hardly cost 30$ for 3 persons even the family-friendly and people love to come again with a quality experience at such low cost.


This idea is not something rough its a quite innovative as the Melbourne Derby game had more spectators than the Boxing day test match. The idea is high on return and very light in the pocket weight for the people. With every year the T-20 leagues are getting better but IPL has been left behind from the BBL in terms of attendance. The 8th edition of BBL was the most popular league in terms of attendance.


3.  The Smart Format Schedule:

This is something where Big Bash League (BBL) is far better over Indian Premier League (IPL) the very first season of BBL had 28 matches which later on changed to 32 matches. In the previous seasons of BBL tournament has been framed into 8 rounds with 4 matches being played in 1 round. 


This allows teams to play against one team twice and other Six teams once in a league four games at home and four away. With 2 derbies in a season, the teams like Sydney and Melbourne have two teams to face -off against each other in a season.


 The top four teams will move to the semi-finals and the final will be held at the ground of highest ranked team of the league. The tournament is all blockbuster with such moves from the boards. Derbies in the IPL? Will, it going to be possible to see something like this in the IPL?


4. The smartest advertising campaign and Amazing kits:


Another thing where Big bash league is better over Indian premier league with the advertisement campaign in the IPL such as tobacco, gambling and alcohol promotions. There is no such space for the things like these in the Big Bash League as they care about their audience even the smalls kids and adults rather over IPL with anything to promote.


Back in 2015 season, when cricket Australia and Warner bros have come together to promote movies like Batman Vs Superman during the tournament games. Another move from Big bash league (BBL) the IPL have copied to promote Bollywood movies in their cricket studios before the matches.


Talking about the kits used by the players in IPL to sponsor the logos having no class at all and promotion of alcohol with no sense of designing the kits. IPL is making money without any care about the spectators rather over Big bash league who puts the audience first over money always.

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