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2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup: Groups & Schedule

The FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand group stage draw was held on 22 October 2022 with 32 nations classified into eight groups of four. Check out the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup full group list and match schedule.

Last updated: 05.06.2023
FIFA Women World Cup 2023 full group list and match schedule

The group stage draw of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand was held on 22 October 2022 with 32 nations placed into eight groups of four. In each group, the two highest-finishing teams will advance to the knockout rounds. This is the first iteration of the Women’s World Cup that this amount of countries is participating in. Also the first time, the event is hosted by two nations.  The ninth edition of the biggest tournament in women’s soccer will be held from July 20 to August 20.




Group A

New Zealand





Co-hosts New Zealand will share their group with 1995 champions Norway, second-time participants Switzerland and debutants Philippines.        


Group B



Republic of Ireland



The other hosts, Australia or known as the Matildas are placed in Group B alongside 2020 Olympics gold medallists Canada, Ireland in their first World Cup and African powerhouse Nigeria.       


Group C

Costa Rica





Spain are participating for the third consecutive time and will take on 2011 winners Japan, Costa Rica and first-timers Zambia


Group D






Group D contains the Euro 2022 winners England battling fellow Europeans Denmark with Asian Cup holders China and tournament debutants Haiti.  


Group E






Last edition’s winners United States and runners-up Netherlands are in the same group in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup with two nations gracing the stage for the first time, Portugal and Vietnam.      


Group F






Brazil and France make Group F exciting paired with Jamaica and Panama in their first World Cup appearance.    


Group G



South Africa



In their fourth World Cup finals, Argentina will meet 2019 quarterfinalists Italy and semi-finalists Sweden with 2022 Africa Women Cup of Nations champions, South Africa.     


Group H



South Korea


2022 Copa America Femenina runners-up Colombia will fight Euro 2022 finalists Germany, Asian heavyweights South Korea and Morocco who finished as the runners-up of Africa Women Cup of Nations last year.  




Group Stages


20 July 2023

New Zealand vs Norway - Eden Park (Group A) 12:30 PM 

Australia vs Republic of Ireland - Sydney Football Stadium (Group B) 3:30 PM


21 July 2023   

Nigeria vs Canada - Melbourne Rectangular Stadium (Group B) 8:00 AM

Philippines vs Switzerland - Dunedin Stadium (Group A) 10:30 AM

Spain vs Costa Rica - Wellington Regional Stadium (Group C) 1:00 PM


22 July 2023    

USA vs Vietnam - Eden Park (Group E) 6:30 AM

Zambia vs Japan - Waikato Stadium (Group C) 12:30 PM

England vs Haiti - Brisbane Stadium (Group D) 3:00 PM

Denmark vs China - Perth Rectangular Stadium (Group D) 3:30 PM


23 July 2023  

Sweden vs South Africa - Wellington Regional Stadium (Group G) 10:30 AM

Netherlands vs Portugal - Dunedin Stadium (Group E) 1:00 PM

France vs Jamaica - Sydney Football Stadium (Group F) 3:30 PM


24 July 2023

Italy vs Argentina - Eden Park (Group G) 11:30 AM

Germany vs Morocco - Melbourne Rectangular Stadium (Group H) 2:00 PM

Brazil vs Panama - Hindmarsh Stadium (Group F) 4:00 PM


25 July 2023    

Colombia vs South Korea - Sydney Football Stadium (Group H) 7:30 AM  

New Zealand vs Philippines - Wellington Regional Stadium (Group A) 11:30 AM

Switzerland vs Norway - Waikato Stadium (Group A) 1:30 PM  


26 July 2023    

Japan vs Costa Rica - Dunedin Stadium (Group C) 10:30 AM

Spain vs Zambia - Eden Park (Group C) 1:00 PM

Canada vs Republic of Ireland - Perth Rectangular Stadium (Group B) 3:30 PM


27 July 2023

USA vs Netherlands - Wellington Regional Stadium (Group E) 6:30 AM

Portugal vs Vietnam - Waikato Stadium (Group E) 1:00 PM

Australia vs Nigeria - Brisbane Stadium (Group B) 3:30 PM


28 July 2023    

Argentina vs South Africa - Dunedin Stadium (Group G) 5:30 AM

England vs Denmark - Sydney Football Stadium (Group D) 2:00 PM       

China vs Haiti - Hindmarsh Stadium (Group D) 4:00 PM


29 July 2023    

Sweden vs Italy - Wellington Regional Stadium (Group G) 1:00 PM

Panama vs Jamaica - Perth Rectangular Stadium (Group F) 2:00 PM

France vs Brazil - Brisbane Stadium (Group F) 3:30 PM


30 July 2023   

South Korea vs Morocco - Hindmarsh Stadium (Group H) 9:30 AM

Switzerland vs New Zealand - Dunedin Stadium (Group A) 12:30 PM

Norway vs Philippines - Eden Park (Group A) 12:30 PM

Germany vs Colombia - Sydney Football Stadium (Group H) 3:00 PM


31 July 2023   

Costa Rica vs Zambia - Waikato Stadium (Group C) 12:30 PM

Japan vs Spain - Wellington Regional Stadium (Group C) 12:30 PM

Canada vs Australia - Melbourne Rectangular Stadium (Group B) 3:30 PM

Republic of Ireland vs Nigeria - Brisbane Stadium (Group B) 3:30 PM


1 August 2023

USA vs Portugal - Eden Park (Group E) 12:30 PM

Vietnam vs Netherlands - Dunedin Stadium (Group E) 12:30 PM 

Haiti vs Denmark - Perth Rectangular Stadium (Group D) 2:30 PM

China vs England - Hindmarsh Stadium (Group D) 4:00 PM


2 August 2023

Argentina vs Sweden - Waikato Stadium (Group G) 12:30 PM  

South Africa vs Italy - Wellington Regional Stadium (Group G) 12:30 PM

Panama vs France - Sydney Football Stadium (Group F) 3:30 PM

Jamaica vs Brazil - Melbourne Rectangular Stadium (Group F) 3:30 PM


3 August 2023

Morocco vs Colombia - Perth Rectangular Stadium (Group H) 1:30 PM

South Korea vs Germany - Brisbane Stadium (Group H) 3:30 PM


Round of 16


5 August 2023

Winner Group A vs Runner-up C - Eden Park (10:30 AM)

Winner Group C vs Runner-up A - Wellington Regional Stadium (1:30 PM)


6 August 2023

Winner Group E vs Runner-up Group G - Sydney Football Stadium (7:30 AM)

Winner Group G vs Runner-up Group E - Melbourne Rectangular Stadium (2:30 PM)


7 August 2023            

Winner Group B vs Runner-up Group D - Stadium Australia (1:00 PM)

Winner Group D vs Runner-up Group B - Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane (4:00 PM)


8 August 2023

Winner Group F vs Runner-up Group H - Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide (1:30 PM)

Winner Group H vs Runner-up Group F - Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne (4:00 PM)




11 August 2023

Winner R16 Match 1 vs Winner R16 Match 3 - Wellington Regional Stadium (6:30 AM)

Winner R16 Match 2 vs Winner R16 Match 4 - Eden Park (1:00 PM)

12 August 2023

Winner R16 Match 5 vs Winner R16 Match 7 - Brisbane Stadium (12:30 PM)

Winner R16 Match 6 vs Winner R16 Match 8 - Stadium Australia (4:00 PM)



15 August 2023

Winner quarter-final 1 vs Winner quarter-final 2 - Eden Park (1:30 PM)

16 August 2023

Winner quarter-final 3 vs Winner quarter-final 4 - Stadium Australia (3:30 PM)


Third place play-off


19 August 2023                

Loser semi-final 1 vs Loser semi-final 2 - Brisbane Stadium (1:30 PM)



20 August 2023

Winner semi-final 1 vs Winner semi-final 2 - Stadium Australia (3:30 PM)


Note: All timings are in Indian Standard Time or IST

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