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Four best caretaker managers in Premier League history

With Ole Gunnar Solskjaer doing wonders at Manchester United this season, here we look at four of the best caretaker managers in history!

Last updated: 17.03.2019
Four best caretaker managers in Premier League history | Sports Social Blog

Being a manager in the Premier League is one of the most challenging jobs in the world, let alone being a caretaker manager. The intensity of the Premier League is one of a kind. Even the lower table teams are tough competitors, unlike the other leagues where it is usually a two or a three-horse race. And as a result of this, there is a trend in the League to part ways with the manager halfway into the season and appoint a caretaker manager who will guide them through to the end of the season, until the club's hierarchy finds the right man for the job.

As a caretaker manager, you are not expected to win games week-in-week-out, rather just lead the side to a slightly better from where you started. Only to see yourself replaced the next season. But some managers oversee a complete change in club's fortunes, impressing fans and pundit's alike. One such example is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Manchester United. Overturning a two-goal deficit to win the tie in the away leg in the UCL. While going unbeaten for 12 games straight speaks volumes in itself. If he continues this great work to the end of the season, he would surely be topping this list from next year.

Here are the top four caretaker managers in Premier League history:

Tim Sherwood, Tottenham: Tottenham Hotspur never had a problem since the arrival of Mauricio Pochettino. But before him, there was a major crisis. Changing managers one after the other. Andre-Villas Boas was sacked from his position in the December of 2013 and Tim Sherwood was appointed as the caretaker manager until the end of the season. After taking over at White Hart Lane, Sherwood lost just 6 out of 22 games in the Premier League and ended the season on a respectable sixth position and thus qualifying directly for the UEFA Europa League. He is the one who held onto Harry Kane even when the club hierarchy wanted him out. But Sherwood was soon dismissed as the season ended.

Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool: Kenny Dalglish led Liverpool to a domestic double during the 1985-86 season as a player-cum-manager. Roy Hudson was sacked in the middle of the 2011-12 season when Liverpool were struggling at a low twelfth position. And Dalglish was appointed as a caretaker manager to see out the rest of the season. But he rather saw them jump to the upper half of the table, while also going eight games unbeaten in the league. His second spell will be remembered as the one which pulled the club out of misery, proving his aptitude once again. He also oversaw the arrival of one of the most prolific goal scorers for the reds in Luis Suarez. He earned a 3-year contract but was sacked in 2012 itself.

Guus Hiddink, Chelsea: The only manager to appear two times for the same club as a caretaker manager is the former Dutch international. Chelsea appointed him twice and both the times he left them in a much better position. In 2009, he won the FA Cup and lost only one game in route to finishing third in the Premier League table. But his most notable stint was when the last year's champions were struggling at a lowly 16th in the 2015-16 season. He was appointed again as a caretaker manager when Jose Mourinho was sacked. He led Chelsea to a 12-games unbeaten run and saw them finish to a respectable sixth place finish. But he was soon discharged as the season ended.

Roberto Di Matteo, Chelsea: Another caretaker manager from Chelsea’s long list of interim managers, Di Matteo was appointed on 4th March 2012 when Andre-Villas Boas was sacked from his position. There was no time to get his system on the way. But of all the time that he had, he made the most of it. He ended with two trophies including UEFA Champions League. And in the meanwhile, beating Bayern Munich at Allianz Arena. He was handed the permanent job going into the next season but was sacked midway. And the next caretaker manager Rafa Benitez led them to a UEFA Europa League triumph. Di Matteo will be widely remembered as the best caretaker manager in the history of the sport.

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