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Premier League 2022-23 Prize Money Breakdown and Distribution

Here we take a look at the premier league 2022-23 prize money breakdown and distribution. This season clubs will receive even more money because the broadcast pot increased from almost £2.5 billion in the previous season.

Last updated: 05.05.2023
Premier League 2022-23 Prize Money Breakdown and Distribution

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One of the most renowned and fiercely contested football leagues in the world is the English Premier League or EPL. Some of the world's best players, coaches, and teams call it home. It is the premier division in English football. Millions of fans travel from all over the world to watch the EPL because of its international appeal. Both the excellent caliber of football played and the league's fierce competition are to blame for the popularity of the league. The EPL is renowned for its unpredictable nature, with any team capable of defeating any other on their best day, in contrast to certain other European leagues where one or two teams predominate.



The 2022–23 Premier League season is about to come to a close, and defending champion Manchester City is hoping to win the championship for a third consecutive year. Yet, it is frequently conjectured how much money Premier League teams make in a given season. Moreover, this season's clubs will receive even more money because the broadcast pot increased from almost £2.5 billion in the previous season. The entire revenue from the three-year arrangement is split into three equal halves, one portion for each of the three seasons the deal is in effect.


Domestic income

International income

50% shared equally

100% shared equally

25% on merit


25% is the facility fee



The winning team will earn more than £160 million, but even teams who place in the bottom three and are eliminated from the division will earn more than £100 million in prize money. Due in large part to the massive worldwide fan base of the Premier League and the tremendous sums of money gained through Broadcast rights agreements, the league is able to achieve this.


Domestic income:

●      50% shared income: £38 million for each club

●      25% merit - based on their position in the league table

●      25% facility fee - based on the viewership of the team’s matches


International income:

●      £47 million for each club


2021-22 season distribution:


1. Manchester City £161.3m

2 Liverpool £159.8m

3 Tottenham £152.1m

4 Chelsea £151.7m

5 Arsenal £151.6m

6 Man United £150.2m

7 West Ham £142.1m

8 Leicester £134m

9 Newcastle £131.5m

10 Brighton £130.6m

11 Wolves £128.2m

12 Crystal Palace £124.3m

13 Aston Villa £123.3m

14 Brentford £121m

15 Everton £120.4m

16 Leeds £116.1m

17 Southampton £113.3m

18 Burnley £106.1m

19 Watford £104.6m

20 Norwich £100.3m


With billions of viewers yearly, the Premier League is the most-watched league in the world. Because of its popularity, the league has been able to secure significant Broadcast contracts that assist clubs across the division. Naturally, the Premier League outperforms the other major leagues in Europe. For example, La Liga champions will get approximately £135 million, German champions will receive about £90 million, and the top reward in Serie A was comparable in value last year.

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