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ICC Men’s T20I World Cup 2022 - Prize Money Distribution

The total prize money in ICC Men’s T20I World Cup 2022 is $5.6 million. Check out the prize money distribution in detail for winners, runners up, semifinalists etc.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 14.10.2022
icc t20 world cup 2022 prize money | Sports Social Blog

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Another big ICC tournament means prizes for the different positions in which the teams finish in the tournament and now the entire prize money distribution has come out by the ICC and there are lots of prizes to be given away and the teams other than fighting for the trophy and being World Champions, this hefty prize money will do then no harm as well. We will talk about the entire prize money table below.

The total prize money in this tournament is $5.6 million which is a lot of money and shows how far the ICC has come in terms of finances. In Indian currency it means close to 46 crore rupees . We will explain the prize money distribution to our readers in a number of ways so that it can be easy for them to understand it better. 


So, let’s look at the ICC T20I World Cup 2032 Prize Money Distribution

ICC T20I World Cup 2022 Prizes

The winner of this World Cup will win a whopping $1.6 million and the runner up will receive $800,000 thousand which is fair because the winner should get the most and double that of the runner up. The 2 semi final teams who are not able to make it to the final will get $400,000 per team .

There are prizes for winning each match of the Super 12 stage as well as the winners of the 30 Super 12 Matches will get $40,000 each per win. That is not a bad day’s work for all the teams. The 8 teams which exit the tournament at the Super 12 stage will get $70,000 each and for the wins in the first round the teams will get $40,000 and the 4 teams which exit in the first round will also get $40,000. Meaning there will be a prize money for all the teams involved in the tournament. Now let’s see this in a table format.

ICC T20I World Cup 2022 Prize Money Distribution Table


$1.6 Million 

~ 12.8 crores

Runner Up 



~ 6.4 crores

Losing Semi Finalists 



~ 3.2 crores

Super 12 Wins



~ 32 lakhs

Super 12 Exit 



~ 56 lakhs

First Round Win 



~ 32 lakhs

First Round Exit



~ 32 lakhs


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