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Top 5 Best Moves of Sheamus

Take a look here at the top 5 best moves of Sheamus. He is in the best shape of his career and has been having the best Matches that he has ever had in his career.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 24.02.2023
Best Moves of Sheamus

Sheamus is a true legend of WWE and he has been wrestling in WWE for over 14 years and has won almost everything there is to win in WWE. He is a WWE Champion, United States Champion, Royal Rumble Match winner, Money in the bank winner and what not. And to be so successful he needs to have moves that can win him matches.

Sheamus is in the best shape of his career and has been having the best Matches that he has ever had in his run. He is determined to win the elusive Intercontinental Championship and it may happen at WrestleMania. 

So, let’s look at the Top 5 Moves of Sheamus.

1) Brogue Kick

The Brogue Kick is a finishing move that almost every WWE fan knows about because it is a Move that Sheamus has been doing ever since he came to WWE. The Brogue Kick is one of the hardest moves to do as in this move Sheamus runs towards his opponent and then in a bicycle position kicks the head of the opponent and the match is over.

2) 10 Beats to the Chest

This is one of the signature moves that Sheamus has made so popular that whenever he does it the fans get excited. In this move Sheamus hits his opponent to the ropes and then he hits then hard in the chest 10 times and the impact of this move is devastating.

3) White Noise

This too is one of those moves that Sheamus has made popular in WWE and the move is complex to do and he does this move when he is in complete control of the match and this move always gives him a near fall and In this move Sheamus lifts his opponent and then plants his opponent back first with his hands locked against the face of his opponent.


4) Knee to face

The Brogue Kick is the move where he hits the boot to the face and that is his finisher but this move is somewhat similar but is not his finisher. In this move he runs in the same position as in his finishing move but here he delivers the knee to the face and this gives him almost a 3 count in his matches.

5) Top Rope Clothesline

This is a unique version of the Clothesline that only Sheamus does and he has been doing this move ever since he stepped foot in WWE. In this move Sheamus goes to the top rope and from there he jumps and gives a clothesline to his opponent and the impact is so hard that they fall down in a heap.

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