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Top 5 Best Moves of Carmelo Hayes

A look at the top 5 best moves of Carmelo Hayes. He has such a unique collection of moves that no one other than him is able to do these movies in NXT.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 23.02.2023
Best Moves of Carmelo Hayes

Along with Bron Breakker it is Carmelo Hayes who is the best wrestler in NXT currently and he is in a hot streak and he has a big match coming up at NXT Vengeance Day in a few days and he has such a unique collection of moves that no one other than him is able to do these movies in NXT. Carmelo Hayes has come from the independents and he has quickly become the benchmark

Carmelo Hayes is also a multiple time champion in NXT and his next step will most probably be at WrestleMania weekend where he will challenge for the NXT Championship. 

So, let’s look at the Top 5 Moves of Carmelo Hayes.

1) Melo Don’t Miss

A truly unique name for a finishing move but it’s something that only Carmelo Hayes can do and when he hits this move then it is his opponent that misses. In this move Carmelo Hayes goes to the top rope and from there he jumps and then gives a devastating leg drop and the match is over.

2) Double Knee Facebreaker

This is also one of the signature moves that Carmelo Hayes has in his arsenal. This is a very difficult move to do and in this move Carmelo Hayes runs across the ropes and then in one motion gives the double knees to his opponent and then his opponent lies down back first

3) Low Pele Kick

This is a version of the very popular Pele Kick that a lot of wrestlers do in their matches. In this move Carmelo Hayes goes to the ground and just above the ground level he gives an inverted kick to the head and the impact is that they are lying on the ground.

4) Rope Hung Scissors Kick

This is a another different type of kick that Carmelo Hayes uses in his Matches and in his Matches Carmelo Hayes takes his opponent and then from the top rope he gives them a kick to the ropes and the neck has the most devastating impact.

5) Springboard Clothesline

A lot of wrestlers use the Clothesline as a move and it is very effective in some cases but Carmelo Hayes doesn’t want to do just a normal clothesline because Melo is different and this he goes to the middle rope and then springs from there and gives a clothesline in one motion. It is the coolest Clothesline in wrestling.


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