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Top 5 Best Moves of The Usos

Here we look at the top 5 best moves of The Usos. The Usos are without a doubt one of the greatest tag teams in the history of WWE and they have been tag team champions for a record 550+ days.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 15.02.2023
Best Moves of The Usos

The Usos are without a doubt one of the greatest tag teams in the history of WWE and they have been tag team champions for a record 550+ days and they will be the champs till WrestleMania 39 and they have become one of the best tag teams with a variety of great moves that they hit on their opponents and in the past 5-6 years they have stepped it up and all the tag teams want to be like them and only one team is up for discussion with them and they are The New Day

The Usos are a unique tag team as they are twins and they are brothers so their chemistry is off the charts and they keep inventing new moves in their arsenal including their new finishing move. 

So, let’s look at their Top 5 Moves.

1) The 1-D

This is a new version of the 3D that was the finisher of The Dudley Boys and it was the best tag team finishing move ever and The Usos have adapted that move and they call it the 1-D which means 1 and done meaning their opponents have no chance of getting up after The Usos have hot this move. In this move The Usos push one of their opponents across the ring and in motion they lift then up and the other gives a neck breaker

2) Splash from Top Rope

This used to be the finishing move of The Usos before they started using the new move but this move is still one of their signature moves. In this move one Uso or both the Usos go to the top rope and from there they dive on top of their opponents and then pin them most of the times and they have won a lot of titles with This move.

3) Superkick

The Superkick is one of the most popular moves that The Usos use in their matches and they use a lot of this move to ground their opponents. This move is where The Usos kick the face of their opponents and they lie on the ground and the Usos either pin them or give another big move after the Superkick. This move is sometimes overused by them but it looks great when they do it.

4) Samoan Drop

The Samoan Drop is one of the other moves which are common in Usos matches and this move is hard to do and only the people who are from the Samoan heritage do this move in matches. This move is where one of the Usos lifts their opponent in the air and then in one motion plants them back first to the ground.

5) Top Rope Suicide Dive

The top rope suicide Dive is one of the most common moves in wrestling and The Usos use this move during their matches. In this move The Usos run across the ring and then dive over the top rope and on top of their opponents. It is a risky move but they do it very well.

Watch the Best Moves of The Usos

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