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Top 5 Moves of Kurt Angle

Check out the top 5 best moves of Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle was a star and a wrestling machine from the moment he stepped foot in WWE.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 07.02.2023
Top 5 Moves of Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle is one of the greatest Wrestlers that has ever wrestled for WWE and the debut year he had was one of the best of all time. Kurt Angle was a star and a wrestling machine from the moment he stepped foot in WWE. And he was the benchmark for all his peers and one of the reasons why he was so good was because he had a great collection of moves which he could hit on his opponent and win the match.

Kurt Angle was a threat from the Wrestling gods and all WWE fans wanted him to have as many dream matches as possible because nobody knew for how long the WWE Universe will get to see him do his thing. So, let’s look at the Top 5 Moves of Kurt Angle

1) Ankle Lock

This is the submission move that Kurt Angle used to win a lot of his Matches. The Ankle Lock was a submission that he was the first one to use sd and he would do it in such a way that it would hurt his opponents a lot. In this move Kurt would first lay down his opponent and then lift the ankle and lock it with his hands thus giving them no chance to escape. Kurt Angle has won championships and WrestleMania matches with this move.

2) Angle Slam

This is the second finishing move that Kurt Angle had in his move set and this was also a move that would win a lot of matches for Kurt when the Ankle Lock was not good enough. In this movie Kurt Angle lifts his opponent from the back and in one motion plants them on the back of their Head and his opponents lay down for the Three count and it is one of the most popular finishing moves along with the Ankle Lock

3) Moonsault

The Moonsault was also one of the common moves that Kurt Angle did in his matches and he did a perfect Moonsault as he was one of the most athletic Wrestlers at that time. He would go to the top rope age from there he would deliver a Moonsault that would hit his opponent and ot would get a near fall for Kurt Angle in his matches

4) Frog Splash

The Frog Splash was a move that only a handful of Wrestlers used to do when Kurt Angle was at his best and the fact that he had such an incredible frog Splash says a lot about the man. The impact from his frog Splash was incredible and he moved like a frog in the air just like Eddie Guerrero when he did this move.

5) German Suplex

Kurt Angle had one of the best German Suplexes as well and that is because he was a master and he wanted to do everything to the T and make sure that nothing was left to chance and so along with Brock Lesnar, it was Kurt Angle who had the best German Suplex. In this move Kurt Angle would lock his hands to the waist of hos opponent and then lift him backwards and plant them.

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