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Brock Lesnar Net Worth, Endorsements and Career

Brock Lesnar net worth as of 2021 is $28 million. Here we will look at his  Net Worth, Endorsements and Career of Brock Lesnar.

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Last updated: 10.12.2021
Brock Lesnar Net Worth

Brock Lesnar is one of the greatest combat athletes of all time. He is a WWE legend as well as an UFC legend, very few people can say that. Brock Lesnar has been at the top of elite combat sports for 20 years and he is an anamoly the likes of which are rarely seen and that’s what made him so special. He is also one of the most popular stars in WWE as well as UFC.

UFC Career

Brock Lesnar joined the UFC on October 20,2007 during UFC 77. Brock lost his first bout to Frank Mir at UFC 81 , but from there his stock grew and grew and at UFC 91 he defeated UFC legend Randy Couture for the UFC Heavyweight championship. In November 2009 Brock was diagnosed with diverticulitis and he beat it and made his triumphant UFC return at UFC 116 and there he beat Shane Carwin for the unified UFC Heavyweight championship and that made him a superstar.

WWE Career

Brock Lesnar made his first WWE appearance in 2002 and he had a great debut year winning the King of the Ring tournament which allowed him to challenge for the WWE championship vs the Rock and he defeated the Rock as well to become Champion. In 2003, Lesnar won the Royal Rumble as well. He would make his WWE return in 2012 and from there on he embarked on a dominant run where he beat John Cena, triple h and was the man to break the Undefeated streak of the Undertaker at WrestleMania. He has become a top star and his matches always feel must see. 

Brock Lesnar Endorsements :

Brock Lesnar has a number of Endorsements in his kitty being such a recognisable face across sports and he charges a lot for them. Some of his prominent Endorsements include Dynamite Nutrition and Death Clutch. He is also involved in Make a Wish foundation where he grants wishes by special people.

Brock Lesnar Net Worth :

The Net Worth of Brock Lesnar is $28 million as of 2021. Majorly he earns $5 million per year through his WWE contract and he charges very highly for public appearances and he will continue to add to his net worth in the years to come as he is in high demand in WWE and they will continue to contract him and he will also earn money through other Endorsements as well so Brock Lesnar has a very good future.

Profile :


Brock Lesnar


43 years

Net Worth

$28 million

Net Worth in Rupees

187 crores


$5 million


6 ft 3 inches


Professional Wrestler



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