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Top 10 greatest matches of The Undertaker

Taking a look back at The Undertaker career, Here are the ten best Funeral director matches from his long, paramount career. His greatest matches of all time.

Last updated: 29.08.2021
Top 10 greatest matches of The Undertaker

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See, I realize making a list of The Undertaker’s best matches in genuine authoritative arrange is about incomprehensible. There are plenty of alternatives to select from, and each fan’s supposition will vary.

The Funeral director has formally resigned. After 20 years of hypothesis, it does seem just Like the Undertaker has really hung them up. Like all wrestling retirements, there are a few skepticisms that The Funeral director is getting to stay resigned, but for the time being, one of the foremost prevalent wrestlers in WWE history is done.

Taking a look back at his career, I positioned the ten best Funeral director matches from his long, paramount career.



10. The Undertaker vs Bret Hart – SummerSlam 1997

The Undertaker and Bret Hart, tragically, didn’t meet that much amid their careers. As the two greatest babyfaces within the company for a long time, WWE fair didn’t book enormous babyface vs babyface matches regularly. They did have one truly vital coordinate, securing SummerSlam with a tiring challenge that showcased the personal brilliance of both men. Shawn Michaels was the extraordinary visitor official and his chair shot (expecting for Bret) would set up another coordinate on this list.


9. The Undertaker vs Triple H – WrestleMania 28

WWE went all out to try and stack the deck for this match, having The Undertaker wrestle Triple H inside Hell in a Cell at WrestleMania, with Shawn Michaels as the uncommon visitor official. In spite of a few the beat show that bordered on campiness, they conveyed a really paramount execution that was charged as being the conclusion of a period. Of course, eight a long time afterward The Undertaker would still be within the fundamental occasion of WrestleMania, but that's another story.


8. Undertaker vs. CM Punk (WrestleMania 29)

The construct to this match got to be disputable when Punk presented an urn with the "fiery remains" of Taker's previous supervisor Paul Conveyor (who had as of late passed absent), but the match itself isn't questionable in that it completely conveyed.

This was Punk's final WrestleMania match at that time, and what a way to go out. The construct to the coordinate, appropriately or wrongly, will continuously be vital for its contention, but the coordinate once more appears that Taker frequently did his best work against littler and more undersized rivals (Punk, Michaels).


7. Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle vs. The Rock (Vengeance 2002)

Here we enter the "Biker Taker" time. Angle and Taker continuously had awesome chemistry together, and after you include it within The Rock, this one truly gets to be fabulous. The Undisputed Title was up for snatches on this night in July 2002. Taker strolled in champion, but The Rock strolled out with the belt and set the arrange for an important experience with Brock Lesnar the taking after a month at SummerSlam.

By this point, Rock was as of now getting to be a Hollywood star but came back for this brief but vital run. In spite of having been in WWE for 12 a long time at this point, this was as it were Taker's fourth world title rule (he crushed Mass Hogan for the belt at May's Judgment Day) and it came to a conclusion on this night.


6. Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar (No Mercy 2002)

Two months after winning him, to begin with, world title from The Rock at Summer Slam, Lesnar entered the legendary Hell In A Cell with The Undertaker. Usually, the moment of four Hell in A Cell matches on this list, making it effectively the signature coordinate within the career of the "Dead Man."

While Undertaker and Lesnar would have endless matches over a long time, numerous of them extraordinary, this one stands the test of time as the finest. Shockingly, they indeed had an exceptional Hell in A Cell coordinate together at the PPV of the same title as of late as 2015. In any case, the 2002 coordinate at October's No Kindness remains their all-time best bout together.


5. Undertaker vs. Randy Orton (WrestleMania 21)

I would contend this was Undertaker's, to begin with really incredible WrestleMania match (a few would go with his match against Triple H at 17, in spite of the fact that I discover it a tad exaggerated). By this point, "The Streak" was built up and Orton had created his notoriety as "The Legend Executioner." Who way better to require on than one of the sport's extreme legends at the greatest appearance of the year?

Once again, fair as when he feuded with Michaels after you put Undertaker within the ring with a littler and more dexterous adversary you get something especially vital. Undertaker kept up with the more youthful Orton and had an extremely great trip on this night in Los Angeles. Gracious, and The Streak remained intact.


4. Undertaker vs. Edge (WrestleMania 24)

This was the only time that Edge featured a WrestleMania, and it now and then gets misplaced in records looking back at Taker's best matches since of what came the following two a long time against Shawn Michaels. In any case, this one certainly holds up 12 years afterward.

At the time, this one was neck and neck with the WrestleMania 21 match against Orton and a fight with Batista the past year as Taker's most prominent WrestleMania match. Whereas Taker's career was never known for championship rules (essentially put, he fair didn't require the title), it was cool to see him win the world title at Lunacy for the moment sequential year (and third time ever).


3. The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle – No Way Out 2006

This is often regularly overlooked, but as a pure wrestling match, it can be the finest ‘Taker ever had in his career. No tricks, no insane spots, fair unadulterated activity, and narrating. The finish, with Angle slipping out of the triangle choke and rolling up The Undertaker to hold the World Heavyweight Championship, is likely the most excellent wrap-up of any Undertaker match. What stands out is that The Undertaker misplaced this match cleanly, something he once in a while did amid his career when he was a babyface. It said something around Point that he was booked to out-wrestle The Undertaker and beat him cleanly without any obstructions or controversy.


2. The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels – WrestleMania 25

Sometimes a match gets hyped up so much that it becomes almost impossible for its expectations to be met. This was not one of those matches, because despite sky-high expectations, Michaels and The Undertaker rubber stamped their legacy as two of the greatest performers in WWE history with a sensational back-and-forth match. In some ways the match was almost too good, it raised the standards of future ‘Taker WrestleMania matches to levels that he couldn’t always reach.

Why isn’t this number one? I don’t think it has aged as well as the number one choice. While rewatching the match, it is pretty formulaic, either Michaels or The Undertaker hit a signature move and the other kicks out. While this wasn’t the case at the time, after this match future major matches would follow an endless stream of big move/kick-out sequences. At the time it was mind-blowing, but now it just doesn’t feel as special. Perhaps that is unfair, but I like the number one match a little bit more.


1. The Undertaker vs Shawn Michales – In Your House 18: Badd Blood

What makes this match so great? The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are still in their physical primes and had a colossal, athletic challenge that fair happened to require put interior Hell in a Cell. This was the primary Hell in a Cell match, and at the time it was beautiful progressive. Prior to the 1990s, WCW had tinkered with changes to the conventional steel cage match with concepts just like the Chamber of Repulsions and Doomsday Cage matches, and they were big duds. The primary Hell in a Cell coordinate was a gigantic victory and produced one of the foremost expected match sorts in WWE history.

What isolates this match from others was the narrating, with Kane making his expected make a big appearance and costing The Undertaker the match and the world title. That kind of narrating has permitted this coordinate to age superior to the WrestleMania 25 match, as great because it is. This coordinate has all the activity, all the dramatization, and was the beginning of something truly enormous with Kane’s make a big appearance, and it didn’t depend on the tedious near-fall grouping like a parcel of incredible matches. Instead, it depended on imagination, long-term narrating, and a huge number of characters, which is why it is number one.


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