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Top 10 WWE Venues across the World

Check out the top 10 wwe venues across the world. Most of these venues will be from the United States because this is where WWE runs their most shows in.


Harsh Chopra

Mon May 9 2022

This is a topic which can be interpreted in different ways, some can list the Top 10 Loudest crowds in WWE venues, some might list the number of shows per venue and other types. So, it is difficult to do a Top 10 Best WWE venues around the world and not give my opinion about which are the best I feel. WWE has gone to so many nations around the world and so many venues that everyone might have different lists about this topic.

Most of these venues will be from the United States because this is where WWE runs their most shows in but the international audience will also be represented like a few of the UK, Canada etc. So, let’s get to the list.

Madison Square Garden (New York)

This is easily the best venue for WWE around the world as this was always the home for the WWWF in the initial days as Bruno Sammartino used to sell out show after show in the 1970s and 1980s and he would have classics against Harley Race, Ric Flair and others. Then later this became the home for WrestleMania 1 and WrestleMania 20 and the famous Royal Rumble of 2008 and although WWE does not use this venue much these days ,still it is the best WWE venue that has ever been.

AT&T Stadium (Dallas, Texas)

This is second on my list because of the sheer numbers that this stadium has given to WWE in just 2 WrestleMania events and no other venue comes close to this stadium. In 2016 WWE held WrestleMania 32 from this venue and they set an all time attendance record of over 101,000 which broke the record from WrestleMania 3 years ago. That record stood for 6 years as just recently at WrestleMania 38, AT&T Stadium yet again proved record breaking for WWE as in the combined 2 Days more than 156,000 fans thronged to this massive stadium to watch WrestleMania so more than 257,000 people have attended a WWE show here in just 3 nights.

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MetLife Stadium (New Jersey)

This is another big stadium that has given WWE a lot of success and is one of their best venues around the world. WWE has held 2 WrestleMania events here and both times more than 80,000 fans have come in this facility to watch those shows and those shows were WrestleMania 29 and WrestleMania 35 and both those shows were extremely successful for WWE and they will most likely do more shows from There.

Mercedes Benz Superdome (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Out of all the venues we have talked about this one is where the most newsworthy moments jabe taken place. Here as well WWE has held 2 WrestleMania events close to each other in WrestleMania 30 and 34 both times more than 75,000 fans attended those shows and they never forget that they attended these shows because some shocking moments took place here. WWE will most likely do another WrestleMania event here soon.

Staples Center (Los Angeles, California)

This is another highly successful venue for WWE as they have held a lot of high profile events here and everytime more than 15,000 fans came in this stadium and WWE has run SummerSlam, Survivor Series and Royal Rumble events from here as well. The fans in this arena are some of the loudest in the world and WWE loves coming here and most likely they will come here more often.

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Wells Fargo Center (Philadelphia)

This is one of the most historic wrestling venues in USA as ECW was born in this city and many events were held here but later on it became a favorite venue for WWE and they have held mah Royal Rumble events here like the 2004 and 2015 and 2018 Royal Rumble events and each time the capacity was close to 20,000 cheering fans and here WrestleMania 15 was held as well and that was a very successful show as well so it’s very likely that in the future as well WWE will come here for big events.

The Olympic Stadium (Montreal, Canada)

This is one of the best venues outside of the United States and here some of the best memories have been created in WWE History. Two WrestleMania events have been held here and both times more than 70,000 fans have attended these shows and made a lot of noise and the most famous one being WrestleMania 18 where we saw Hulk Hogan vs The Rock. They are some of the most passionate fans and this venue is a contender for a future WrestleMania event as well.

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TD Garden (Boston)

This is also one of the most historic venues for WWE and here the fans are some of the most outspoken and loudest fans in the world. TD Garden has a rich WWE legacy with it hosting multiple events in the 1970s and 80s along with MSG and most recently it hosted WrestleMania 14 which had Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels in the main event with Mike Tyson as the referee. TD Garden has also hosted the Royal Rumble events in 2011 and 2013, SummerSlam 2006, Survivor Series in 2008 so it’s a highly successful venue and definitely one of the best.

AllState Arena (Chicago)

It is said that Chicago is one of the best professional wrestling cities in the world and the Allstate Arena proves this to every inch. This venue has hosted some of the biggest moments in WWE History and every time the Chicago fans filled the arena with 20,000 people and made noise. The most famous events here include WrestleMania 2, WrestleMania 13 and WrestleMania 22, being one of the only few venues to host 3 WrestleMania events and nobody can forget Money in the bank 2011 where CM Punk beat John Cena to win the WWE championship.

Wembley Stadium (London)

Even though the Wembley Stadium has had Q show in his WWE history but it’s a show that is historical for so many reasons and because the UK fans are some of the very best in the world and finally after 30 years of wait they will get another big stadium show at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff and this venue played a huge role in it. The SummerSlam of 1992 was attended by 81,009 fans , the third largest one night attendance in WWE History and this show the fans were so loud that the wrestlers could not hear themselves. This was a special show and hopefully more WWE events are held here in the future and UK fans can have a blast.

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