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Top 5 Moves of Becky Lynch

Take a look at the top 5 moves of Becky Lynch. She has a good mix of finishing as well as submission moves with which she can win Matches against any opponent.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 31.01.2023
Top 5 Moves of Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch has become the biggest women’s star in wrestling today and she has been that for the last few years because of all the hardwork she has put in these years and has been having some of the best matches of the year. And this has happened because she has got a whole new set of moves in her arsenal and she uses them in her Matches which result in incredible matches against anyone she Wrestles. Becky Lynch is a star and she makes everyone in the ring with her better and this is the sign of a true great.

Becky Lynch has a good mix of finishing as well as submission moves with which she can win Matches against any opponent and this is the reason she has won so many titles in WWE and has been champion for so long. 

So, let’s look at the Top 5 Moves of Becky Lynch

1) Disarm- Her

This is the submission move that Becky Lynch applies in her Matches to get the win and this has been he finishing move as well for a number of years and has been very effective for her in the past as well and now she uses this as not the only finisher but as one of them. She is best known for this move because no one else does this move better than her and in this move Becky Lynch takes the arm of her opponents and then applies her whole weight on top of her opponents and taps them out.

2) Manhandle Slam

This is one of those new moves that Becky Lynch has added to her arsenal and this is now the main finishing move that she uses to win her Matches. This move is where Becky Lynch gives a Rock Bottom like move but it is slightly different as she gives it like a chokeslam and more often than not that opponent loses the match and she has retained her title a lot of times with this move

3) Bexploder Suplex

This is a Suplex type of move but it is called the Bexploder as only Becky Lynch does this move like the way she does it. In this move Becky Lynch takes her opponents and tosses then on their back while she is also going backwards and this move is used by her when she is beginning to have the momentum of the match and this move Lays out her opponent for a period of time.

4) Corner Jumping Sidekick

The Corner Jumping Sidekick is a move like the Manhandle Slam which has been used by Becky Lynch only in the past couple of years and this move is very effective to stop the momentum of her opponents and in this move she takes the hell of the rope and then she does a sidekick by jumping in the air and this takes her opponents down to the ground and this move is only done by Becky Lynch.

5) Diving Legdrop

The Diving Legdrop is another move like most of the moves in this list that are only done by Becky Lynch as she does the Legdrop from the second rule unlike John Cena who does it from the top rope and there is more risk involved when John Cena does it. This move is done when the opponents are completely down and then Becky Lynch goes to the second rope and does the diving Legdrop. It is a very effective move.

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