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WWE Makes Bold Move - Here's Why Becky Lynch is the NEW Women's Champion

Becky Lynch is crowned the new Raw Women's Champion after Rhea Ripley's injury. Is she the right choice? We analyze the surprise win, potential future feuds, and what it means for the upcoming WWE Draft.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 28.04.2024
Becky Lynch is the New Women’s World Champion (Image Credit: X)

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During the latest episode of Raw, a new Women’s World Champion was crowned as Rhea Ripley has been out with an injury. She will be out for more than three months. Therefore, a battle royal was held on Raw to determine the next Women’s World Champion, and it was Becky Lynch who won the title. She and Liv Morgan were the two favourites to win.

Let’s talk about this decision on Becky Lynch as the Women’s World Champion


Becky Lynch is the Women's World Champion  

This is a very good and safe choice that Triple H has made by making Becky Lynch the Women’s World Champion. Becky Lynch was on vacation, and after the injury to Rhea Ripley, she was called into action. It would not have been easy for her to leave her family and her daughter, but when Triple H called in a time of need, she had to be there to steer the ship. It has been two years since Becky Lynch won a main roster singles championship, so it has been a long time. The fans can say that it was the time of Liv Morgan, but WWE needed someone that everyone knew and someone who could lead in times of crisis. And there is no one better than Becky Lynch.

Rhea Ripley is injured
Rhea Ripley is injured

Liv Morgan was the one who injured Rhea Ripley, and she will be the champion by the time Rhea Ripley comes back so that the feud can begin with Rhea Ripley as the mega-face that the crowd loves. Becky Lynch will be a fighting champion, and she will hold the championship for a few months while having banger matches. This will also be a catalyst for her to sign her new WWE contract, which will surely pay her much more than she currently gets in WWE. Liv Morgan can be a monster heel who will completely lose it and attack everybody in the locker room. Becky Lynch will be on Raw in the WWE Draft. Two of the four Horsewomen are the women’s champions, yet again showing how they are the greatest of all time.

Becky Lynch (Image Credit: X)
Becky Lynch (Image Credit: X)

Triple H knows that Becky Lynch is universally loved by fans and that she is one of the biggest stars in the women’s division. To have this level of trust from the boss will be validating for Becky Lynch. She will have a big match at WWE Backlash 2024, and the fans in France will get to see her. Rhea Ripley would have wanted someone like Becky Lynch to be the champion and take the legacy forward. It will be very interesting to see the route they take. The prestige of the Women’s World Championship, which was lost after Rhea Ripley’s injury, has been found again.

The upcoming WWE Draft, which will start this Friday, will set up a lot of future feuds for Becky Lynch going forward.

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