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Becky Lynch vs Asuka Rivalry History

Becky Lynch vs Asuka rivalry is one of those WWE Rivalries that was great for the time that it was and both these women gave it their all during their great feuds.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 24.02.2023
Becky Lynch vs Asuka Rivalry History

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Becky Lynch vs Asuka is one of those WWE Rivalries that was great for the time that it was and both these women gave it their all during their great feuds. They had 3 PPV Matches and all 3 of them were absolute bangers and the WWE should revisit this rivalry soon because it will feel fresh and the fans will eat it up.

Both Becky Lynch and Asika are future Hall of Famers in WWE and they have won everything there is to win including Royal Rumble Matches, The Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships and Asuka is even an NXT Women’s Champion and a multiple time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion. 

So, let’s look at the Rivalry between Becky Lynch vs Asuka:


The Start

It all started before the Royal Rumble 2019 where Becky Lynch was at the top and she has beaten all the women in WWE and the only one left was Asuka so Becky Lynch challenged Asuka to a match at the Royal Rumble and Asuka accepted. The fans were salivating at the prospect of a Match between these 2 legends and it was a great chance for Becky Lynch to test herself against Asuka.

Royal Rumble 2019

The Royal Rumble event came and the WWE fans were very excited about this match and this was the opening match of the show and this match was every bit as great as the fans expected it to be. Becky Lynch vs Asuka was special and both these women gave it their all for 20 minutes and their match was befitting the stage of the Royal Rumble and at the end Asuka won the match via submission. It was a great first chapter to their Rivalry.

Road to Royal Rumble 2020

Exactly a year after their epic clash at the Royal Rumble 2019 , yet again it was the time for Royal Rumble 2020 and this time Asuka was the champion and the challenger was Becky Lynch. This match had to be better than the last one that they had and they got personal and Becky Lynch was adamant that she was going to win this match and cross her last barrier.

Royal Rumble 2020

The night of Royal Rumble 2020 had arrived and one of the most anticipated rematches of the past few years was this one between Becky Lynch and Asuka. And they yet again stole the show in what a much better match than the classic they had in 2019 proving that they had incredible chemistry with each other and after 25 minutes or Wrestling magic It was Becky Lynch who finally got her win against Asuka and after that they had another match in 2021 and yet again Becky Lynch beat Asuka to exert her superiority.

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