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WWE RAW Clash at the Castle Go Home Show Results - 10th June 2024

WWE Raw ignites Clash at the Castle hype! Drew McIntyre secures huge advantage, Bron Breakker brutalizes Ricochet and Liv Morgan's scandalous encounter with Dominik Mysterio sets the stage for explosive action in Glasgow!

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 13.06.2024
WWE RAW Clash at the Castle Go Home Show Results 10th June 2024

This was the final Raw before WWE Clash at the Castle 2024. This show was an important one and it was the perfect go home show for the PPV. This show had a sell out crowd of more than 9000 fans.

Let’s look at the Results for the WWE Raw Go Home Show for Clash at the Castle

Drew McIntyre and Damian Priest open the show

Drew McIntyre was the first WWE superstar to appear on the show and he and Damian Priest had a promo exchange and it was a good one. Drew McIntyre proposed a match with a member of Judgement Day and If that member lost The entire Judgement Day will be banned from ringside. Damian Priest accepted the challenge.

Iyo Sky beat Lyra Valkyria

Next was a match between Iyo Sky vs Lyra Valkyria. This was a match that was highly anticipated by the fans and they delivered. These 2 women had a great match and the crowd was cheering for Lyra. Iyo Sky won the match and after that she said that Damage Ctrl needs to change. Lyra Valkaria was great in defeat. There could be a turn for Iyo Sky in the future.

Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio have an eventful night

Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio are having a great little story that has become very important to the show. This week they took it to the next level. There was a tag team match and Liv Morgan was out to help Dominik Mysterio but Zelina Vega pushed Liv on top of Dominik in a position that was non PG. After that Liv Morgan told Dominik Mysterio that she will be waiting and gave him her hotel room key. Dominik then told the other Judgement Day members about this and Finn Balor took the key from Dominik Mysterio.

Otis gets closer to attacking Chad Gable

Next was a match between Otis vs Sami Zayn. This match was a part of the Alpha Academy storyline. Chad Gable was coaching Otis throughout the match but he shouted too much at one point and that allowed Sami Zayn to get the win. After the match Chad Gable was berating Otis who was close to snapping. Later in the show, Otis explained to Sami Zayn that he is not attacking Chad Gable because he has nobody as he has lost Mandy Rose, Tucker. This is the best storyline in WWE.

Bron Breakker beat Ilja Dragunov in a banger

The next match was the most anticipated match of the show. It was Ilja Dragunov vs Bron Breakker. This match was incredible as it was two of the best in NXT showing the wider audience what they are capable of. The crowd was silent during this match but the quality was top tier. Ilja Dragunov gave everything he had but Bron Breakker gave him 3 Spears and he beat Ilja Dragunov. Bron Breakker would not be done for the night. They need to have this match on a PPV with 20 minutes uninterrupted.

Bron Breakker sends Ricochet out of WWE

This was perhaps the most significant thing that happened in this show. There was widespread belief that tonight was the last night of Ricochet in WWE. And that is exactly what happened. Bron and Ricochet had a brawl and Bron Breakker absolutely destroyed Ricochet. Bron slammed Ricochet on top of a car window. Samantha Irwin who watched all this happen put on a performance for the ages as she left the arena in an ambulance with Ricochet. Ricochet has had a great run with WWE and now he will most likely go to AEW.

Drew McIntyre beat Finn Balor

After Samantha Irwin left the arena it was time for the main event and Pat McAfee stepped up to announce the match. He absolutely killed it and he gave both Drew McIntyre and Finn Balor a funny yet awesome introduction. Pat McAfee can do anything. This match was a good one but in the end Drew McIntyre won and now there will be no Judgement Day at ringside. It will be one on one but there is always the CM Punk factor.

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