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Top 5 Best Moves of Liv Morgan

Check out the top 5 best moves of Liv Morgan. One of the main reasons that Liv Morgan has become so good in the ring is because she has an incredible set of moves.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 09.06.2023
Best Moves of Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan is one of the most improved wrestlers in WWE in the last few years because when she first arrived, she was nothing more than a jobber who was nowhere to be found. Liv Morgan was struggling to find any momentum and in the last 2-3 years she has risen from the ashes and has become a multi time champion in WWE and currently she is the WWE Women’s tag team champion.

One of the main reasons that Liv Morgan has become so good in the ring is because she has an incredible set of moves which she uses in her matches to win then or to cause hurt to her opponents. Liv Morgan constantly adds new moves to get arsenal. So, let’s take a look at the Top 5 Moves of Liv Morgan

1) Oblivion

This is the finishing move that Liv Morgan uses in her matches since the past few years ever since her rise started in 2020. This is one of the most difficult finishing moves that a WWE superstar has and in this move Liv Morgan runs to the ropes while her opponents are lying on the rope and in one motion she plants them face first to the mat and it looks incredible and Liv Morgan wins all matches where she hits this move.

2) Liv Kick

This is also one of her finishing moves which she uses in her Matches and this move is called the Liv Kick because nobody does a version of this Kick better than Liv Morgan. Liv Morgan delivers this kick with all the force and in this move she runs in the ring and gives a big kick to the face of her opponents while they are on the ground. This move wins her a lot of matches.

3) Flying Legdrop

The Flying Legdrop by Liv Morgan is one of her most dangerous moves that she does in her matches and sometimes she takes it to the extreme when she gives a Legdrop to her opponents through the table and the impact is devastating and her opponents do not get up from that move. This move is something that she does not do in all of her matches.

4) Suicide Dive

The Suicide Dive is a move that not a lot of women in WWE do these days because it is risky and not all the women are as athletic as Liv Morgan. She does a picture perfect Suicide Dive and all the women should learn from her as to how to do this move and Liv Morgan has a great impact to her opponents on the outside when she hits this move. She sometimes takes herself out to inflict damage on her opponents.

5) Superplex

The Superplex is one of the hardest moves to hit and even harder to perfect. And Liv Morgan is one of the few women that has perfected the Superplex from the top rope and she gives in a safe way so that her opponents do not get hurt as well and she gets the desired impact on her opponents and she always gets a near fall whenever she hits This move

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