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WWE Crown Jewel 2023 Match Card Predictions

Take a look here at the WWE Crown Jewel 2023 Match Card Predictions. WWE Crown Jewel will take place on 4th November 2023 in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 18.10.2023
WWE Crown Jewel 2023 Match Card Predictions

WWE Crown Jewel will take place on 4th November 2023 in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The event will see more than 22,000 fans attend the show and they will make all the noise and the WWE superstars will feed off their energy. The WWE Saudi Arabia shows have grown in stature and have become full blown PPVs with the highest quality of matches. There will be some big matches that will be added on this show and the starting time is also perfect as it will start at 10:30 PM for the Indian fans

Let’s take a look at the Early Match Card Predictions for WWE Crown Jewel

Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre for World Heavyweight Championship

This is the first match that has been confirmed as it will be for the World Heavyweight Championship. It will be Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre and this is the biggest match that Seth Rollins will be in ever since becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. This match has been eagerly anticipated by the WWE fans and finally it will happen at WWE Crown Jewel. To predict this match will be Hard and that is what makes this match special

Rhea Ripley vs Nia Jax vs Shayna Baszler vs Raquel Rodriguez vs Zoey Stark for Women’s World Championship

This fatal Five Way match will be for the Women’s World Championship. This match has all the strongest women in WWE all in one match. It has been almost 2 years that WWE has had a Fatal Five Way match for a World Championship. Rhea Ripley will be facing her biggest test in this match and this match hopefully will be a banger and show the world that big as strong women can also have an excellent Wrestling Match. This is a very unique match that has the WWE universe excited

Roman Reigns vs LA Knight for Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

This will be the main event of the show and this will be the first time that Roman Reigns will compete in a match after SummerSlam on TV. He wrestled once in a live event a few days ago. LA Knight has been getting the big push and it's all led to this and Roman Reigns will help LA Knight get to the next level. The fans will be into every minute of this match and LA Knight will come very close and he will have the match of his career.

Rey Mysterio vs Logan Paul for United States Championship

This match is a dream match because of how good Logan Paul is in the ring. Rey Mysterio is one of the greatest of all time and the fact that Logan Paul is so good at so early in his WWE career is a testament to the skills he has and he will have a long and successful WWE career. This will also be one of the marquee matches on the Show and there is no doubt that this will be one of the best matches on the show.

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Bianca Belair vs Iyo Sky for the WWE Women’s Championship

Bianca Belair has been on the sidelines resting for a while now and she has deserved this break. She will be itching to get back to work and she will go after Iyo Sky and the WWE Women’s Championship. Bianca Belair vs Iyo Sky is a dream match and with the proper time given to them in Saudi Arabia, they will be able to have a barn burner and the fans will be absolutely enthralled. The 2 women will raise the prestige of the championship.

The Judgement Day vs Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso for WWE Undisputed Tag Team Titles

This week on Raw, The Judgement Day won back the tag team titles and they were able to do This because of the help from Jimmy Uso who cost his brother the match. Therefore Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso will want a rematch and what better stage to complete the trilogy than to have it at WWE Crown Jewel. In this match everyone should be banned from ringside and it should be made a street fight. This match will be brutal and the fans will have a great time

John Cena vs Solo Sikoa

This will be the only match on the show without a championship on the line. John Cena will be Wrestling at this show and it will be him vs Solo Sikoa at the event. This will be easily the biggest match in the career of Solo Sikoa and John Cena will help him calm his nerves and they will have a very good match because John Cena wants to show the WWE universe that he still has a lot left in him and he will put over Solo Sikoa.

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