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Neeraj Chopra is the World Champion

Neeraj Chopra won the Gold Medal in World Athletics Championships 2023. He has already won the Gold Medal in the Olympics, Asian Games and Commonwealth games. He is truly the world champion.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 29.08.2023
Neeraj Chopra is the World Champion

Last night was the final of the Men’s Javelin Throw at the World Athletics Championships and it was a historic final in more ways than one. Neeraj Chopra qualified for the final with a monster throw of 88.77. Not only that there were 3 Indians in the final out of the 12 that were competing. DP Manu and Kishore Jena were the other 2 finalists. Arshad Nadeem of Pakistan also Qualified for the final. In fact both Neeraj Chopra and Arshad Nadeem were the only 2 competitors in this event that directly qualified for the Paris Olympics next year.

Let’s look at the Final that happened yesterday and celebrate the greatest that is Neeraj Chopra

History for Neeraj Chopra and India

The competition started around 11.45 PM and the first throw by Neeraj was a foul. However in the second round he threw a monster of 88.17M which was the best throw in the final. Neeraj Chopra was In his element from the second throw. DP Manu and Kishore Jena were also in good form and Neeraj Chopra was encouraging them to throw further. Kishore Jena finished 5th in the final with a throw of 84.77M and DP Manu threw the Javelin at 84.14M. Arshad Nadeem from Pakistan was the biggest threat to Neeraj Chopra throughout the whole competition because he was throwing like it was a practice session. He does not put much effort but his power is what takes it so far.

Arshad Nadeem had a qualification throw of 86.7 which was enough to make him qualified for the Paris Olympics next year and if Pakistan works on this young man then he could most probably win their first Olympic Medal for them next year. Neeraj Chopra was calm and composed throughout the 6 throws. He consistently threw over 80 meters and Arshad Nadeem had a best throw of 87.82M and he missed the Gold by 0.35M. Neeraj Chopra has now won the Commonwealth Games Gold Medal in 2018, Asian Games Gold in 2018 and he will defend his title next month. He has also won the under 20 World Championship Gold medal. In 2021 he won the Olympics Gold medal and finally last night he completed the set with the World Championship Gold Medal.

Neeraj Chopra will have to compete in the Asian Games which will start from 23rd September and Arshad Nadeem will also be there so one more thrilling competition will be seen between the World number 1 and 2. In 3rd place in the Final last night was Jakub Vadlejch who threw at 86.67M. Jakub Vadlejch has been amongst the medals forever but he has been bettered by an Indian and a Pakistani. DP Manu and Kishore Jena will also compete in the Asian Games and they will fight for a medal there. Athletics has seen a great turnaround as the Men’s 4x400M relay Final was last night and India finished 5th in the world with a timing of less than 3 minutes and the Asian Record is theirs. And Parul Chaudhary was in the 3000M Steeplechase Final where she had the new national record. The future of Indian Athletics is bright and in the Asian Games in September they will win a slew of medals.

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